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Hanna Roze

a month ago

Just to get this out of the way first, to my taste, the steak is very overseasoned. I personally prefer to taste the meat rather than a layer of salt and pepper. But again, that's my personal preference. Moving along. The service here is phenomenal. The staff are helpful and friendly, but not overbearing. They have a very acute sense of when a table is receptive for a visit, and stay away the rest of the time. They are also beyond accommodating when it comes to creative orders. The dishes are also well worth the money considering the quality and portion sizes. I would highly recommend this place.


Nicholas Walker

3 weeks ago

Amazing. Was here for business. It is expensive, especially the wine. The steaks are typically priced for a great steakhouse but the wine was insanely expensive. I don't know wines so I can't say it was a rip-off but they were too high. Stick to the beer or cocktails. Great food though. The crab cakes and ribeye were awesome.


Desiree Choiniere

3 months ago

They do not cater well to allergies. They didn't take me seriously when I informed them of my allergies. I called a week ahead of my reservation to inform the staff and chef of my allergies, and was promised they could accommodate. When ordering I reminded the server of my allergies and the seriousness of them. I was brought a salad that contained ingredients that I told them I was allergic to. When I told the server this wasn't the salad I ordered she informed me that it was. When I reminded her a second time while at the restaurant of my allergies she said she could pick out the ingredients that I was allergic to. I told the server that cross contamination was an issue and that is why I called in advance to make sure this wouldn't happen. She took my salad promising a new one, but it looked like she picked off the ingredients I was allergic to. I was nervous to try it, so I didn't as I could end up in the hospital if it wasn't safe. Next I was brought my main course and it again had ingredients I was allergic to. I was unhappy with my server not taking me seriously, so I questioned another server asking if what I saw contained the ingredients I was allergic to and he believed it did and apologized. He took it away and brought back a new meal (meanwhile everyone I was dining with had their meal and ate it otherwise theirs would be cold). The new meal still had ingredients I was allergic to and I told him to take it back. I let the server know that I didn't trust that they could cater to my allergies at this point. The manager came to apologise and promised that he could provide me with a meal that could cater to my allergies. I told him they had already lost my trust, but he insisted on bringing me a new meal. I let him bring me another meal. This meal looked fine but I could have been sent to the hospital three times already if I ate any of the previous meals. I wasn't charged for my meal. I give one star because of the hassle and what I felt disrespect for not taking my allergies seriously when I had given them all of the tools to successfully cater to my needs or every opportunity to let them tell me that they couldn't cater to my needs. I do not recommend this restaurant for anyone with food allergies. The rest of my group really enjoyed their meal, so if you have no allergies this seems like a nice place to go.


SherylAnne Banez Lane

3 months ago

This restaurant never fails. The Mbiance is wonderful. The staff is exemplary. The food is unbelievable. Their dry aged steaks are so tender and tasty. For dessert I would definitely recommend the butter cake and a cup of their coffee. A wonderful evening for a date or a celebration. We went for an anniversary and the staff gave us a lovely card signed by the staff and dessert was on them. Absolutely wonderful.


Laura Berst

3 weeks ago

Just recently ate here on Thursday . The staff and drinks were wonderful. However the food was highly disappointing . We got the bacon appetizer. I get pugs are fatty but nothing like the entire app was just the fat of the pig. The salads both the blue cheese wedge and the ceasar lacked flavor. Lastly the steaks. Nice flavor on the outside of the steak. However ordered medium..until you cut inside the middle it was medium but majoirty of it was med well or well done.