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Hazel Schifferle

2 months ago

We came last minute for Queens Feast and this is a review of that meal specifically so everyday may be different. The service was outstanding. Cocktails were absolutely perfect. They went down so smooth I wanted to have more and more. The portions were pretty small and Im not sure if those are standard size or QF size but the food itself was great. Give it a whirl if youre in the area.


Xinyi Xu

9 months ago

Since this was our first time there, we ordered small plates to share between my husband and myself. We loved duck with dumplings! The duck was crispy on the skin, and soft on the meat, it was very flavorful, and dumplings were very tasty too. For this dish alone, we certainly will come to this restaurant! The other dishes were good, just not as impressive to us as the duck. Overall, food is great, the portion is a little on the small side.


Tracey Pearson

10 months ago

My husband found this place a while back and we finally got to try it tonight and we had the best experience. The staff was very professional, helpful, and friendly. Our server came around the perfect amount of times. We ordered several small plates because we couldnt decide what we wanted and our server had each plate come out at the perfect time as we finished the previous plate. We got the duck & dumplings, mushroom toast, fries, scallop risotto, and lamb pasta. Wow. Just wow. It was the best food we had. Our favorite was definitely the mushroom toast! We also got coffee which was in a French press and that was so good!! We will definitely be back for another date night!


Ethan Sallaz

in the last week

Excellent service and amazing food. We were quickly seated and our waitress was very attentive and paid attention to she small details like providing extra utensils and explaining menu items when she sensed we had question.


Ross Goddard

2 months ago

Five star service, five star food with one odd and out of place exception. It wasn't wygu. Was supposed to be but it was sirloin at best. A delicious sirloin I might add with complimenting flavors and an amazing tasting meal as a whole. Everything minus the wygu/sirloin was perfection. Top notch for the Charlotte food scene. They also had a special touch for our anniversary. Get the desert.... This is exceptional as well. Our server was pleasant.

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