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Divone James

2 months ago

The food here is so good it doesnt make sense. Ive had plenty Mexican food in my life but this one definitely is better than the rest. Drinks were strong and the food was tasty. Server was very polite. Ill be back for sure


Kael Wolfley

2 months ago

I would have loved to give this place a 5 star review. This is the most authentic cuisine in the Northlake area. From the type of cheese to the enchilada sauce, this place is top tier in the Northlake area. Mind you, Ive been to them all. Service was less than optimal. My water was empty for a longer duration than expected, my order was put in wrong and there was a bone in my chicken. Tighten up the screws and this would be 5 stars next to the other 3 star options around here.


C Mel

5 months ago

Don't place an online order. They Will not, I mean WILL NOT have it ready for you. You're better off going there to place it and waiting there.


K Cos

8 months ago

The food is usually pretty good, but the chips were burnt this time and too thick. It's time to change your tortilla chips to a thinner and better flavor chip.


Maranie Sun

in the last week

if i could rate 0 stars i definitely would! this restaurant is disgusting/unsanitized , very dirty in the kitchen but of course customers cant see that, food is left out & uncovered, flies everywhere, it smells straight up like the sewage i have source from delivery team that delivers to that establishment that would say the same!!! im just warning you for your own health ;)

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