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Marcy Smith

a month ago

I find it inappropriate that you would reply to a paying customer the way you did. She was not complaining about your store. She was not being a bully. She was stating a fact about your rude employee. You are offended because she spoke the truth. That lady Karen is very rude! I guess you all have horrible customer service skills!


Rosaana Hudson

a month ago

No longer a place where I will spend my money because I refuse to tolerate their rude employee. Goodbye Wine Vault. Good bye forever! I've been going to the Wine Vault for over 11years. Yesterday, I decided to go to the Wine Vault with my sister. As soon as, I walked in I said hello to the rude employee and I asked her how her baby was doing because like I said I've been going to the Wine Vault for years and I remember seeing her pregnant. I also remember seeing her baby at the store. She just stared at me. I felt very uncomfortable and I explained to her that I've been coming to the Wine Vault for years and I remember seeing her baby at the store. She continued to stare at me and said, "SHE'S OK!" with a very rude tone. I proceed to walk away and select my bottle of wine. I returned to the register to pay for my bottle of wine. I apologized to her by saying, "I'm sorry if I offended you. I was just trying to be nice to you." She continued to stare at me and very rudely said, "I DON'T KNOW YOU!" I just said, "ok". Then she grabbed the bottle of wine and said, "IS THIS TO GO?!" I was about to walk away and never come back, but I decided to pay for the bottle of wine and stay to wait for my sister. A few months ago, I went to the Wine Vault with my husband. I asked her if she can help me find a wine bottle that is similar to Josh Cabernet. She refused to help me and said very rudely that she didn't know of a wine similar to Josh Cabernet. I went to another employee and asked for her assistance. She was very nice and helpful. She helped me select a wine. She was a petite girl with dark hair. I saw her there yesterday. On another occasion (maybe a year ago). I informed her that one of the restroom's was very dirty. She replied again very rudely, "I can't control how men piss!" And she proceeded to walk away. It is very unfortunate that we will no longer go to the Wine Vault because of their rude employee with bad customer service. I will stop bringing my family and friends to the Wine Vault. She doesnt smile and doesnt make you feel welcome. She has the worst customer service skills in the world. She is not nice and/or helpful. She gets pissed off when you ask her a question. She is even more rude if you try to be nice to her. For a while now, I was avoiding coming to the Wine Vault when I saw her at the register. I would just turn around and go to 201 Central off Prosperity Church. My advise to the Wine Vault is to have her take some customer service courses and teach her how to deal with the public. The Wine Vault is losing clientele because of her.


Patricia Sandoval

a month ago

Rosanna Hudson I know who you are talking about... her name is Karen. She is very rude.


M Hernandez

5 months ago

They have a variety of selections and they provide you a glass so you can sit on the patio and drink!


Jeanie Isenhour

a year ago

Love This Place! I have been going here for years. It has an awesome selection of wine and beer at great prices. You can come all year long they have a wonderful patio with great people watching and a great indoor section for cool days. I have had a few parties here and everything went amazing with great service!