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Tracy Grant

3 weeks ago

I love a great wine bar or winery. This is not it. Their selection is limited and everything we asked for they did not have. The outdoor patio is cute but there are children and dogs everywhere. You can not enjoy your wine and get a food vibe as I felt like I was at a park. I will stick to my wineries and vineyards; The place may do better at another location.


Kristeen Rouse

2 weeks ago

What a neat place! Hit here on a weekend. Unfamiliar with the area, we couldn't find a bottle of wine anywhere! Go figure the light of day would open our eyes to the local markets. Any hoo, we grabbed a table and a couple glasses of wine/cider to enjoy the live entertainment. Beautiful night, great company and a one man show. Nice way to wrap up the day.


Sammie Mohammed

2 months ago

My review has nothing to do with the Wine vault itself but the atmosphere and ambiance! People are bringing their children and they are running around yelling and screaming as children do! Its not the children fault its the parents who have no regards to the fact this is a grown up relaxing atmosphere a place to come and rewind and relax with a glass or bottle of wine with friends co workers or significant other! There needs to be a rule of over 21 to sit outside at wine vault or enter! Until it changes I will not be returning they can have it.


Jessica Eason

2 weeks ago

I really enjoyed this place. Tasting of wine and beer. Good ambience, wonderful staff. A nice place play games and explore new wine and beer flavors.


Ryan Maia

2 years ago

This place deserves a six star review. It flawlessly integrates incredible craft beer (on tap!!), a genuinely welcoming atmosphere, incredible prices, and a sense of humility. And that's just if you're looking to have a beverage onsite. They have a huge collection of bottles and cans from all around the world for you to bring home and try. Unassuming yet extensive, this beer library is one of the best watering holes I've stumbled upon in all my global travels.

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