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Kenneth Cotton

6 months ago

As someone who travels for work, usually spots like The Wine Vault are super snobby and dont really welcome outsiders. Not the case here. I immediately felt welcome and comfortable. Atmosphere was 10/10 The fella at the counter (Ryan?) was super patient and accommodating. I didnt get the usual eye-roll treatment for asking newbie questions. One of the most impressive things though, was his ability to recite what was on each shelf and where. Totally blew my mind. He even knew the arrangement of the beer coolers in the back by heart. Staff 10/10 Which brings me to my final and most important point... Yeah, theyve got a ton of wine. Hopefully you already figured that out. What surprised the heck outta me was the glorious selection of beers tucked away in the back. So many good beer choices! Not just random hipster beers with abstract art on a turtle-safe can, but a well curated selection of delicious beers. Selection 10/10 Do yourself a favor. If youre in Charlotte, stop by. You wont regret it.


Kat Gibbons

3 months ago

Beautiful wine store with lots of choices and knowledgeable sommeliers to help you.


The Supraholic

2 months ago

Call before you go to confirm that theyre open. Could be staffing shortage like everywhere, hope they can overcome


Christopher Peterkin

4 months ago

Great atmosphere. Customer service was pleasant.


Kimberly Mayes

6 months ago

Perfectly unpretentious place where you can sip a lil and see alot. I love this place because its a diverse group of people, if you come enough you'll see regulars but it never feels exclusive. If you've never been come on in. Whether its wine for that lil shendog you are going to, a place to study or catch up just go. The staff and owner are always welcoming and helpful.

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