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Fee Bee

5 months ago

Food was delicious. Staying in town for a conference and it was in walking distance to the hotel. Service was great. Food was tasty and had a good presentation.I had the Black label burger with grilled asparagus because I have a said fish allergy and couldn't have sweet potato fries. The pretzel bun was not hard and was a good choice for the thickness of the burger. One of my dining companions had the salmon tacos and said they were very tasty. She had to be careful because there was a little juice that ran from the soft taco when she picked it up.


The Trustful One Peyton Cash

a week ago

Me and my were planning this brunch for about a week and I had no idea about this hole in a wall. The atmosphere was very nice as it had pictures of New York City Skyscrapers. Since their was 6 of us, I am not gonna describe every single food option. That is because everything about this joint is amazing. Everything from, The Shrimp and Grits, The French Toast, everything else, was fantastic! We would so go here again for brunch for sure! On the 10 point scale, we gave this a 9/10


michael miller

a month ago

This was the 2nd time here for me and my wife but we had a different friend with us this time, I got the same thing as last time, the AMAZING BURGER!!! it was even better than I remembered it being, this time my wife got the meatloaf and finished the whole thing (not normal for her) I looked great and she loved it! Our friend got some kind of fish tacos that she loved! Definitely an awesome hidden gem if your in town or a local!


Karen Kendzierski

a month ago

I went here for lunch and absolutely loved it. Even though the menu doesnt have a lot of options, I was very happy with the items ordered. Our waitress was very friendly and checked on us accordingly. Appetizer: Fried Green Tomatoes with sauce sent down from heaven. Meal: Monte Cristo sandwich with perfectly seasoned potatoes. Drink: Carafe of Mimosas



3 months ago

Had dinner on the patio, small work group of 6. Food was delicious, wait staff fairly attentive being outside, we were not in a hurry either. Portions matches the atmosphere, specialty drinks on point. Only downside, the dumpster was pretty close so when the food came - so did the flies.

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