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Brianna Forte

11 months ago

Bae has been craving a Stromboli for a while now. We usually pick our dinner places based on my dietary needs. Tonight I decided to satisfy his craving. We happen to step into his old eating grounds. And found the best seat on the patio. Our server Cory was super nice and thoughtful. The food was delicious. Overall a great experience for us!


Abigail Reyes

a year ago

My experience was hands down amazing! First time I visited here, everyone is so kind. Now I like my pizza fluffy I was so thankful that the bartender who served us gave us a variety of options on the men. She made us feel welcomed, so attentive and definetley new how to multi-task. Now let me tell you the pizza when it arrived to our table FLUFFY AND SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!! This restraunt is now my #1 pizza place. Overall not only the pizza was BOMB and had a variety of other dishes THE SERVICE WAS SPECTACULAR.


Yoni Gold Presents

2 months ago

Been a while since I went there due to moving away. Back in town and thought it would be great to take some back to hotel for dinner. I ordered literally one dish and they messed it up.(insult to injury was bread burnt to hockey puck status) Clearly theres no one expediting to send out orders. Sad. They used to be really good with consistent quality.


Shante' Phillips

2 weeks ago

I stopped by Hawthorne's pizza today after the salon and I must say I truly enjoyed myself! I ordered the meat lovers pizza a salad and took a slice of New York cheesecake home. I love cheesecake but I very rarely get it from any restaurant because the taste just doesn't jive with me but this cheesecake at Hawthorne's was delicious, you didn't even need a tapping and when you can just eat cheesecake and the Graham cracker crust you've really got something. The pizza was outstanding and so was the service I want to thank my server NAT, I really appreciate your hospitality I will be back soon.


Ms Kay Leon

5 months ago

I have to say I was very very pleased with my Dash Delivered pepperoni slices of Pizza as a Native anew Yorker its hard to get a decent crispy good crust flavorful Pizza. I being New to Charlotte am trying to establish some eateries to frequent when I am on meal breaks while driving. I was NOT disappointed It was cooked just right!! I even asked for certain spices on the side and they sent them! I enjoyed the quick service! And the meal on my day off was better than expected! Bravo! Hawthorne Pizza for making this new local a very satisfied customer! Who looks forward to eating some of your delish pizza again real soon!! I even shared with some of my riders about your spot! have to spread the word.

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