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Leann Houston

in the last week

My husband and I used to frequent this place as it's one of the only bars on this side of town. Due to staffing shortages, I have adjusted my standards to be more understanding. Whenever I go here its typically for drinks and a burger as previous experience has shown that anything outside of that is hit or miss. After a few bad experiences there I even went so far as to just order to go. But this last time my husband wanted to dine in so we could get some drinks and unwind. Unfortunately, the last time we went I told husband I will never go back. We went on a Saturday night so I expected there to be a wait. We asked how long, the hostess said about 30 minutes. After initially waiting an hour with no update, we decided to go in and check. We were told it would be another 15 minutes. So we waited. The hostess finally called us up and seated us at a small table right behind the hostess desk. There was a beer bottle sitting on our table because there was a group seated at the table RIGHT NEXT to where she was placing us. We were almost literally going to be touching elbows with the other table they were so close. Meanwhile the ENTIRE left side (where the booths are directly across from where we were) and the back left side, near the bathrooms was COMPLETELY EMPTY. Nearly half the restaurant was empty tables and they had people waiting. My husband told the waitress we didn't want to sit there and gestured to the all the empty tables. The hostess stated: "we have a new girl and shes not ready." I told my husband let's just go. We left and went to wild wing cafe and we were seated immediately although they were busier.


Julia Weatherly

a week ago

I had lost my phone in the restaurant they had some waitresses and the hostess help me find it don't know how but it was behind a toilet but nonetheless they still helped me find it they also have some amazing food and the conversations you can have with the wait staff is great the establishment is pretty clean too. Wonderful service keep it up!


justin strenth

a year ago

Everything was great , I always order hot wings, all flats and extra extra crispy every restaurant I eat at since its my FAV. If fulfilled correctly... The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the wings were not extra crispy :( unfortunately I was eating with my boss and def. didn't have time to wait for another corrected order... Other than that, waitress was great, everything was clean and I always love the atmosphere. :)


Mark Miele

2 weeks ago

Stopped in recently for lunch with friends. Good food. Friendly and attentive staff. Good price point. Nice atmosphere and really enjoyed the outdoors seating. I look forward to returning.


Amber Todd

a year ago

I was so impressed with my first visit to this establishment. I wanted a Philly with banana peppers but they don't have banana peppers. The manager went and bought some so that they could make my sandwich. So cool. Great service.

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