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Mr. Darryl

a month ago

I had a little time after an appointment and after looking on Yelp for a restaurant that was near me, Holler & Dash popped up. I am so glad that I decided to check this place out. Upon entering I was warmly greeted and shown a menu. At first I was only going to get something to go, but after having such a good first impression, I decided to eat in. I ordered a sausage egg and cheese biscuit, with a side of cheese grits. I was given a number attached to a small pole. Note: there is a tiny hole in the middle of the table where you place this number lol. I didn't know that at first. After a short wait my food arrived. It was love at first sight and bite! You could tell this was made with love (it may not have been... but it sure tasted that way). Also, its not many times where I go to a restaurant and feel cool just by being there. I can't explain it, you'll see what I mean when you go. This place is definitely top notch and they go out of their way to make you feel welcome. I don't know how often I'll be in the area, but when I am, I'll be stopping by


Catherine Cummings

3 weeks ago

delicious! first timer and definitely will be back - so much more I want to try. good variety of flavors. great service. quick even if there is a line. must get cheddar grits!


Dan Sherman

2 weeks ago

Food was very good but it's too popular for it's own good. Lines get long. They didn't hear my request for an egg which marks off one star. However, fried chicken and cheddar grits for breakfast is not what this Californian calls breakfast anyway. I hope y'all don't have a heart attack.


Randy Davis

a month ago

What a great place to eat. The staff is phenomenal and the food is fantastic. We had the opportunity to shoot a video at this location and I was blown away by the entire experience. That being said, you have to visit this place. You won't be disappointed.



3 months ago

I visited the Holler and Dash located on South Blvd. The place was packed so managed to grab a table outside which was a perfect spot. Ordered the kickback chicken biscuit with a side of cheddar grits. If a place serves grits and if they are good then most likely the rest of the meal will be also and sure enough the grits were delicious! The kickback chicken biscuit was also delicious with its goat cheese and marmalade on top! I have nothing bad to say except I didnt have room for anything else! Highly recommend it and look forward to going back for seconds!