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Roberto Antonio Diaz

5 months ago

Absolutely amazing and awesome cheesecakes! Worth every delicious calorie and extra time at the gym. I have to go in with only enough cash to purchase what I want otherwise I just keep buying. The best so far is the White Chocolate Macadamian Nut Cheesecake and their Banana Pudding is phenomenal too! They put Cheesecake Factory to shame! They're also a local Black owned business so get out there and help support!


Moses Jones

in the last week

So many options!!! I tried two 1) the turtle cheesecake and 2) pineapple upside down cheesecake duo. Both were amazing!! They are big enough that you could share with a partner, or save half for later. I did that, had the other half the next day, and it was just as good!


Lawrence Shaw

in the last week

Was very disappointed. Purchased a red velvet cupcake 7/29 which the frosting was very good, but the cake was hard and dry. I knew after first bite this wasn't what I expected. Hope the lemon drop cupcake and slice of red velvet cake is better..... ended up tossing the cupcake....


Joan Trivette

7 months ago

We live in Blowing Rock and can say it is worth the trip. I don't eat the crust on pies except for pies from here, very light and flaky. My daughter in law got us hooked when she brought them up for Thanksgiving. Christmas dinner was complete with pies from here as well.


donnie houston

a year ago

Visited this place about a yr ago for cake tasting for our wedding everything went well. Our wedding date got changed so we called to update them . We were told since it had been so long we needed to send an email. Sent an email that same day a week later we called because no one ever reached out. Talked to someone gave new date , location, mileage and she wanted to know what we wanted how we wanted it arrive time and everything said she would contact us back with a quote as soon as the pictures we wanted downloaded. Needless to say she did NOT call back that day or the next. Called back again and a different person wanted details we said were already given she asked the date and said she thinks they are booked but would call us back. Once again didnt call back that day or the next. Called again and was told the person we needed to talk to was in a meeting and would call us back that night or the next day. No call was every received called again and at this point we are really upset it has been a duration of a week and STILL no answers. FINALLY we called a again we were put o. Hold just to find out they were booked that day. We wasted a whole WEEK waiting on a response it was as if we didnt matter and we were put on the back burner. This is not what we expected and this was NOT a good experience. They never even tried to correct their wrongs. I used to tell everyone about them but not now. The customer service sucks and there is no communication between employees and no follow up with customers.

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