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Jo L

7 months ago

Hands down the best Bahn Mi Ive ever had. I had the Vegan Bahn Mi and it was delicious. They use a beef-like soy substitute for the meat and it is seasoned perfectly. The first thought that came to mind after eating that first bite was that this must be the freshest sandwich I have ever had. Every element of this masterpiece was impeccably fresh, the amazing bread, the crunchy slaw, the jalapeo and cilantro- FRESH!! The restaurant is in the Asian mall, its in a sketchy area- but trust me it is so worth it. Also make sure to bring cash because they do not take credit or debit.


Alyssa, waywardblog

9 months ago

Don't miss Le's! I understand the owner is retiring soon, and hope to be back for many more visits before then. The sandwiches are so fresh, and the coffee is delicious, and it's really one of the best deals in town.


Colin O'Connor

a month ago

Honestly, I dont know what to say that has not already been shared. This place is phenomenal. Everything is just perfect from the baguette to a refreshing cup of sugarcane juice.


Victor Snail

5 months ago

Quick drop in and worth the wait. Just bring cash they don't take CC. Also their Jerky was absolutely the best I've ever had.


Daniel Judah

11 months ago

The food is excellent, and the price is great! The sandwich tasted really great, and they gave it in a good portion. The taste of the chicken sandwich along with the vegetables meshes really well, creating an excellent sandwich. The mall itself is a bit dodgy, but the Les are not. The place is clean, well lit, and well cared for. There are few tables, but as most customers are doing to-go anyway finding a seat is easy. This place only accepts cash, so you cant use credit cards. There is a nearby ATM but the fee is $2, half the price of the sandwich of this place so avoid the ATM and withdraw at your own bank.

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