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Dre’ Ames

2 months ago

Bobbee Os food is definitely worth the trip to try if youve never eaten from here before. All the sides are pretty good. The fried chicken is very good and made to order so its always hot!! The ribs are good but could be better in my opinion. Their sauce whichever you choose is different but is very good which I like. Ive had many different items off the menu and all have been good and its consistently good which I like not hit or miss like some restaurants. I can always expect it to taste the same if not better than the last time I was their which I can count on. I will keep coming back as long as they keep cooking tasty meals.


Jaquana Miles

2 weeks ago

I had my second visit to this restaurant and truly enjoyed my meal. I ordered the pulled chicken, which gets a plus for being all white meat, baked beans, and cabbage. I also added on 2 baby back ribs. The chicken was a bit dry, but the BBQ sauce helped. The ribs were tender and the sides were flavorful. The baked beans were a bit runny, so I may pass on those the next time. Overall, the service was phenomenal and the restaurant was very clean, including the restroom. I'm looking forward to my next visit for soul food.


brandon bradley

3 weeks ago

One of the best little BBQ spots I've been to hands down. They offer their own homemade BBQ sauce and it's good. The staff is very friendly and the theme of the place is awesome. They play soul music and you can even catch some of the staff singing alone as they serve you. I would highly recommend. Prices are reasonable and they have killer food. Five stars



in the last week

I couldn't wait to put this review up. I just left Bobbee O and the experience was horrible!. First let me start off by saying that the food there is delicious. Which is the reason for my visit earlier. While I was out grocery shopping I called in my curbside order so that it would be ready upon my arrival and my groceries wouldn't have to suffer. BOY was I wrong. The young lady takes my phone order and asks me for my number. After giving her my number she says my name. I said that is correct. she takes my order and says call when you arrive. I leave the the supermarket, arrive at Bobbee O's and call to let them know I'm outside. A young lady comes out and ask my name. I tell her and she goes back in. She comes out a few minutes later to tell me they can't find my order. She asked me when did I place the order and I tell her and she goes back in again. She comes out a 3rd time and ask for my full name. i give it and she goes back in. The next and final time she comes out is with a note pad to take my order which I know I placed over the phone. She tells me they do not have my order and asks if I spoke to a young girl with a soft voice. I said yes. She apologizes and says I would have to forgive the young lady who took the phone order because she is a recovering addict and didn't place the order. I say why is she working here if she can't do her job and has to be justified with her vices? My ice cream melted with all this back N fourth. and all I got was an excuse and I'm sorry. What happened to customer service? When the establishment or owner would make it right and offer a complementary meal or a discount????


Joshue Poderis

a month ago

Family of 4, $58 and we ate big. Pulled pork is great, the sweet and spicy BBQ is perfect. Collards are good fried chicken wings were cooked perfect and seasoned great. Even the kids liked it. 30 minute drive, we will come back.

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