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Anna Clement

a month ago

Dana is Amazing!! She gives the best customer service. Ever! She makes me want to come back and eat. The food was incredible and fast served. Perfect stop on a lunch break. Dana makes your experiences 100% better. Thank you Dana. Everyone should ask to sit at her tables. You wont regret it.


Amanda Williams

a week ago

Excellent southern style cuisine! The complimentary cheddar muffins are a little sweet, a little savory and a lot of yum. The pulled pork, turkey, and brisket were great. Nice touch of smokiness and everything was juicy and tender. The kids enjoyed their meals and the portions were perfect. I only wish we had one of these restaurants closer to home!


Candace Madry

a month ago

Absolutely loved everything about this place! The customer service was great on a semi packed day. The bourbon list I really appreciated and made I didnt get a picture of it. Order the 3 meat combo with greens and potato salad. The greens were not vinegar-y just right and seasoned. Im picky with potato salad so it was good but I would try something different. The meat was delicious and seasoned. Still trying to decide if I like the white bbq sauce because its every peppery.


Nathan Lane

9 months ago

Food is only OK, not bad though. We had the pig in the garden salad and ribs. The roles that you get are always really good and they're honestly my favorite thing here. My one complaint is that I found a hair in my side of baked beans. ****Updated 10/14/2021 I have been going back the past couple of months and things have improved! The cheese rolls are still delicious and the ribs are also good. Cole slaw and potato salad are my favorites (specifically the potato salad). I am giving them an extra star!


Eric Bustamante

2 weeks ago

ASTONISHING SERVICE!... when you have a chain of food & beverages like Jim N Nick's. It's the STAFF that makes All the difference... In this case Ms. Christine Williams. A manager motivated to comply and ensure your visit is as comforting as Sunday BBQ With friends & fam. Thank you Ms. Williams for you and your team. You have gained a FAN! Truly remarkable, Thank you again for everything...

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