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Amandalis Adames

2 months ago

Hidden Gem Pop Shop! Super refreshing on a hot summer day when hanging in south end, Charlotte! I love that they have have non-dairy options that I can choose from as well as their cream pops. They have large variety of fun flavors to choose one and all of them Ive tried are equally amazing. Every employee Ive exchanged with is very nice and sweet. Great customer service. Also, they do catering for parties and events, so be sure to have them come to your next event! Thank you everyone at King of Pop!


Haley Dugger

3 years ago

King of Pops is delicious. Their flavors always vary and they have enough choices to make everyone happy. The staff is always friendly. The location isn't quite where you'd expect it but is very easy to get to from the light rail. I would recommend the strawberries and cream. The store is dog friendly.


Brandon Nolte

3 months ago

Yummy! Would come back. Great to have on a hot day.


Milton Irizarry Jr

2 years ago

Love this place. The service is always very friendly. They take a $1 off if you bike there and have a bike benefit sticker. The strawberry lemonade is amazing. Also the chai tea is so good too! Highly recommend!


Brenda Arko

a year ago

Walking through First Ward Park , perfect day for a chocolate sea salt pop from King of Pops! You could imagine my confusion when I tried to pay cash and the vendor tells me that today I could only pay with a card. I heard her correctly. This was the first time in my life that cold hard cash could not be used to purchase something. Not cool. Not cool at all... RESPONSE TO OWNER: Interesting question: "Just so I can fully understand, what was the worst part of not being able to use cash." The worst part of not being able to use cash was that I did not have a card on me, and I was denied service...so , I did not get to treat myself to a fabulous product. If I had a card on me, it would have been a different story. Let's be honest. I enjoy your product. But I walked away empty handed yesterday because my $3 cash was not accepted. As you continue testing for vendor safety and overall operation, maybe you can consider that going cashless excludes would-be customers who don't have a credit or debit card on them. So, what is another option besides having your customer walk away without your product? Another thing to think about as you consider this transition is that there are around 8 million households in the US that do not have bank accounts or credit cards. Should those people be denied the awesomeness of King of Pops? No need to respond.