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David Decker

a week ago

This place truly is a landmark! It's been around seemingly forever. The staff are very friendly and if you can't find something on their truly extensive menu to eat, we'll then your either pregnant or not hungry. (I say that cause my wife has become very picky during pregnancy) Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even into the wee hours of the morning it's always an option for food! I recommend the Italian dishes... The Tour of France is more than any one person can eat but absolutely delicious!!


Malcolm Bailey

a month ago

My points system: cleanliness, service, food, attitude & mood I leave with. Service and smiles were good. Food, how the hell did you go from serving steak to thin sliced and seared roast beef on a cheese steak? Clean your bathroom and booth areas! I enjoyed my family but not the experience of the restaurant. When a 2yr old takes a napkin to wipe the condensation off a cup to start wiping down the stickiness off the window ledge and smears on windows, that's a problem.


EllyR C

a month ago

Very traditional diner vibe with great service! The portions are above average and the food is FAST! I love the pastry/ cake selection and the pricing is incredibly reasonable. Ample parking! I usually work while I am out, but I was not able to access WiFi here.



a month ago

They took a 40% tip out without letting me know, when I asked why there was a $15 tip, the waitress told me if there are 4+ people at a table they automatically take a tip out... I had a 11 month old (who didnt have anything) a 2 year old and 4 year old with me, my nieces and nephew... Caused me to overdraft, so I couldnt afford to buy a bus ticket to school the whole two weeks following. Thanks, you wonderful angel humans. Edit: also, my waitress came by literally once, we were there for 30 minutes. I waited ten minutes for the check.


steven snelling

3 weeks ago

I have to admit I had high expectations for this restaurant because many people told me it was a great place to go eat. I ordered breakfast and it was almost not edible. The amount of cinnamon on the French toast reminded me of doing the cinnamon challenge. It made me laugh when I first saw it and I suggest ordering something off the lunch menu.