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A modern juke joint from James Beard-nominated Chef Greg Collier, Subrina Collier and mixologist Justin Hazelton, Leah & Louise offers southern dishes inspired by Mississippi River Valley foodways. The menu includes southern favorites like Dirty Grits, hot fried quail and river chips.

Cuisine Type: Southern

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Paquita Poindexter

9 months ago

Drinks and food were fabulous. Service was warm, friendly and knowledgeable. I love the vibe of the place. Whomever picked the background music (primarily old school and 90s R&B) had me dancing in my seat as we ate and chatted. From a food perspective, the menu changes frequently because it is farm to table. Highlights of the meal were fried mushrooms with pickled watermelon rinds along with the silky, fluffy grits topped with refreshing pops of cherry tomatoes, and cornbread brioche. The cabbage is a staple on the menu and is a must if you eat pork. It is so delicious because of the gravy. Note, if you only want a meal from the appetizer section, you will need to deliberately ask to have it coursed and timed out. We made an assumption that it would happen automatically and we ended up with 5 dishes coming out at the exact same time for a 2-person table.


Dionne Swayze Schmidt

10 months ago

We came here for our anniversary dinner last night and had a very tasty evening. The pork belly, catfish, cabbage and chicken skins were amazing. Everything was fresh and the staff so courteous. The 23% tip keeps the staff taken care of with a livable wage. Can't wait to come back and try more.


Danielle W

11 months ago

I don't know where to start. The atmosphere alone makes you feel happy. Antique style decor, chill music and laughter. The service was like no other. You can tell everyone truly enjoys their job here! The food and drinks...just amazing. Everything was delicious, not a single complaint. I can not WAIT to go back.


V. Everett

9 months ago

I've been meaning to check out this spot for a while but it's always been busy. Although there was not a wait when I went, I'd still recommend you hop on Open Table and make a reservation just to ensure you secure a spot. Make sure you read the fine print on the reservations because there may be a fee if you cancel the reservation within a certain time. Our waitress, Asia, gave us the rundown of the menu. If you're a person who likes the huge menu at Cheesecake Factory, you won't find that at L&L. They have a small menu. We got two appetizers, two drinks, and our entrees. The River Chips were like pork skins but made of chicken skins. They were well seasoned and the sauce added a sweet contrast. The roll up was a piece of grilled bread loaf. There was a garlic butter with it and it was also very tasty. As for drinks, my companion had the zodiac punch (which was a Leo themed drink). I had Black Maybe. Both drinks were strong and well made. The entrees were Mud Island, (a catfish dish), and Trust Your Gut (a pork belly dish). Mud Island is their most popular dish and everyone was ordering it judging by all of the people we saw eating it. I got the Trust Your Gut to be different. I tried my companion's food and the fish was better than the pork. The music was most 90s and early 2000s r&b. The vibe works well for the area and ambiance is chill. The look of the place made me feel like I was sitting in a soul food restaurant in New Orleans. But don't get it twisted, this is fancy food. The gratuity is included at 23% which is fine for me because I normally tip 20%. If this is a deterrent for you, then you should order takeout. I'd definitely return to Leah and Louise. It's a really cool spot with great drinks, good food, and a dope atmosphere.


Taylor Anglin

a year ago

Leah & Lousie is such an interesting place! They have the most creative menu I've ever seen. Nothing on the menu is something I'd ever tried. It was a bit pricey for me at the time I went, so I just tried oysters. It was my first time and it was a cool experience. They tasted pretty good! The service was excellent. My server even showed me how to eat my oysters. Next time I'm in Charlotte I will absolutely return to try more exciting foods from their menu. 5/5 for service, atmosphere and the creative menu!

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