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Misty O'Donnell

a month ago

Great service and food. I ordered the sweet potato and pear soup with avocado basil sandwiches. They were really tasty! Our server was Great! Will definitely come back.


Gia Pasley

3 weeks ago

The food was very good. Lacking on the service. The sign said wait to be seated. I didnt know that it would take 15 mins of standing in full view of everyone and I still had to walk over to someone and ask to be seated. There was less than 10 people in the restaurant. Not impressed with the service.


Brittany Mida

3 months ago

So the woman who greeted us was nice, but it took close to 15 minutes before we had a waitress come to offer drinks or try to take our order(there were only 3 tables taken so it was fairly slow). When our waitress came, she was really nice and pretty attentive. We got the tart and the ogre smoothie from the breakfast menu which were incredible! However, the living bagel was the most disgusting thing I've ever had. The whole dish tasted rancid and smelled awful. After the first bite, it was really hard not to get sick. I'd recommend staying away from that particular dish.


Shirin Modaresi

2 weeks ago

Raw, vegan, and delicious! I enjoyed everything I ate. My hubby really liked the mushroom BLT. I couldn't believe the "ricotta cheese" in the manicotti was really made from cashews. Do keep in mind that most the food is served cold bc it's raw. Worth a try for sure! I'll be back.


Photios Dalamagas

3 months ago

Very nice restaurant and its clear why many people like it. However in my experience I did not find it exceptional. I am vegan and appreciate a good vegan restaurant. The food was excellent, but too expensive. I looked at what we got, thought about how much it cost them to make that plate and realized their profit margin. I thought the place was expensive, however, it was packed when we went so I cant say that they over priced their menu since people were happy to pay. I do not think its worth that money, so I will go again.