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Sandy Diaz

2 weeks ago

The food is great! They have live music which is a bit too loud. We couldnt hear the waiter and she couldnt hear us. Other than that, good food, good vibes!


Saravanan Ram

5 months ago

The restaurant may lack the impressive ambience, but the service and food makes this place an amazing dine in restaurant. The lady who served was kind and courteous. The food served was good in quantity and taste. We ordered the house special lunch. The seafood is amazing. The meat felt fresh and well cooked. Would visit again in future.


Ignite d

2 months ago

You wouldn't think this restaurant would be a God place to visit but the outside decor but give it a chance. Nice setup inside and roomy. Friendly staff and reasonably priced.


Rut Rivera

2 months ago

I came to make an order of food. I did and the lady that attended me had allergies and I felt bad because I was sick too. She was awesome which is why I gave her 10$ tip. However, there was two skinny girls one with long black hair, one with short brunette hair. As my food is being given to me I told them I had to pay for it. I have my 40$ I handed to them . It took almost 10 minutes to get my change. On top of that, the girl with the long black hair, which she was really beautiful, but her attitude was grotesque towards me, She also recorded me, and I want to know why in the world was she recording me? Along with the lady in her 40s with the brunette reddish blonde hair. I work customer service, Im a supervisor , and I am 31. I pay my taxes and I got treated like if Im some kind of teenager thats trying to run out with the food. I sat down , waited patiently, and to be treated like a criminal and no apologies for the wait and attitude, I feel like those two girls need to be somewhere else because is not right to treat people like they treated me. I came out of the restaurant very angry and sad. I did say a couple of words to the girl with the black hair. In which she kept smiling clearly you guys dont care about the service they are providing. Ive spent a lot of money here, Ive also recommended this place to many visitors in my job. Is not right ! When I asked if I can speak to a manager no one would tell me. Again , why did both ladies record and take a picture of me. And when I say hello, why didnt I get a hello back? Why do you let people like that work there? Very poor customer service and to be discriminated and treated like they did I hope someone reads this and doesnt experience the same thing.


Wade Booth

a month ago

On 6/16/18, Maccu Piccu was more interested in FIFA World Cup soccer than they were in serving customers. And they were overcrowded, over the limit of patrons per fire marshall. Even the mgr was watching TV. Much business lost. If you go there to eat, make sure a soccer game is NOT on, and there are plenty of seats. Just saying it like I saw it.