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bethany sweatt

2 months ago

We had a wonderful time!! I was nervous with all the negative reviews but I'm so glad we went! Melanie at the front desk was wonderful and so helpful! Yes, you have to wear a pair of their socks but they are $4 and have 4 cute designs for kids to pick from. I did not jump and was able to just follow my 4 year old around while staying off the mats and didn't have to pay. Lots to do!! Went at noon on a Thursday and wasn't very crowded. All of the staff was so kind! Excited to come back and try toddler time!


John Abrahamson

7 months ago

Kids had a blast. Loved the variety of activities instead of just an open trampoline arena. Something for everyone. Got a little wild/busy towards the end, but it still worked out. We'll be back.


Kayla Bernard

9 months ago

Way too strict. I had to buy a whole pass to be with my children. Couldnt just walk on if one of them needed help. Its a Monday. 7 kids in the building. Brought the three year to burn some energy. It was only he and I in a closed in area. I sat down for 1 second to fix my socks and I got yelled at for sitting down. 13 year old trying to play basketball can only play on one hoop because hes tall. But its way too tall for him to have any fun (again no one was there trying to play). Can only go one way on jumping things. Even if the whole trampoline is empty and its only one child. Its ridiculously expensive. Definitely will not be going back. Its unfortunate the family has always had a blast previously. New management and stricter rules made things no fun for an hour and a half.


Alicia Mazyckgeraghty

5 months ago

New Socks nice bright color shirts only wish they had more colors in different sizes, but overall the experience was nice. The music could be a little louder just a little and if you don't mind the smell of feet then you going to be ok, besides all kids have lil stinky feet in the summer.


Tony Battaglia

7 months ago

Fun place. Good staff. Mostly keep an eye on kids and try to keep it fair. When its busy its nuts and they cant keep up. No pizza. No where to sit. Dirty. Nobody cleaning. Oh yeah and captive audience expensive. $4 for 12oz icee for example.

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