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Gelene Braswell

3 months ago

Great atmosphere food was good. The garlic bread knots with super fresh tasting tomato dip were very tasty. Service was good. No complainants. It was my first time eating there & Ill definitely be back. Thanks :)


Anton Savenko

3 weeks ago

They have good presentation of food and service. Pizza was awesome. But I think they can improve a little better on the pastas. Would definitely still want to try there buffet menu for lunch or dinner. I think Olive Garden would have cost us 30% less


Rabreena White

3 months ago

I had been here multiple times years ago in which it was delicious, but with my most recent visit it wasn't so delicious. The drinks and appetizer that we ordered were absolutely delicious and the service was great in which is what probably allows me to give them a rating of 3 stars. But when it came to our entrees that is where it all went downhill. My husband ordered lasagna, which wasn't even hot or warm all throughout and I ordered Mario's Cod, which I was very excited about. When I received mine, it took a bite of one of the tomatoes and it tasted like pure lemon. I thought okay it touched the slice of lemon on the bowl. The next bite I took was of the angel hair pasta and it too tasted like lemon. It was as if I took a bite of lemon instead eating a pasta dish, because all of it except the cod tasted like lemon and nothing else. Mind you on the menu nothing within the description mentions lemon so there is no reason it should have tasted that way and one slice of lemon on the side of the bowl wouldn't do that to the whole dish. I decided to only eat the cod so I could at least enjoy some of my meal but when I stuck my fork in it to flake off a piece to eat I was able to pick up the whole piece of cod. I am no professional but I do know that isn't supposed to happen. So by this point I was done and didn't want anything else, my appetite had been ruined. I was given the option to order something else from the menu, even if I wanted to take it home, but the want to eat was gone. I appreciate our server trying his best to make things right and better, even the manager was very nice and courteous about it. As they did not charge us for the entree, which we are appreciative for.



in the last week

Wonderful restaurant! The food is amazing! Everything is made fresh and the flavors are fabulous! Mac, our waiter, was the best ever! I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant!



2 months ago

This is our third visit and can't express enough how much we like Mario's. We introduced some friends to Mario's on our second visit and they were very impressed. We have tried different dishes from the menu and they have not disappointed. The Grandma's Pizza and Caesar salad is a great combo! The service is awesome as well! Greatly appreciated!

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