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Emily Hall

10 months ago

This was the second time we came here for a team outing and it was just as good as the first time. The dcor in this place is one main reason why you should come check this place out! The hippy/funky fixtures give an awesome esthetical vibe, and the service is very friendly. The two times we've been here, we had a great experience. The food was fresh and delicious! I'm a vegetarian so I was a bit nervous I wouldn't be able to find something I could eat but there was lots of options! They have happy hours which gives you great prices on delicious drinks. I got a red sangria for only $4! Had me feeling a little giggly which was a deal for me only being $4 ha-ha. Its a great place to take your kids and have a magical experience with awesome food. I saw lots of families in there and all the kids seemed to be having a good time, so I'd say this is a perfect spot if you have a family! Fun for you and the kids which is a win win! We will be back whenever we have another team outing!


Tony B

a year ago

My family and I love Mellow Mushroom. It is definitely a regular on our rotation. I would recommend placing an appetizer when you first put in your drink order. - The pretzel bites and pizzas are great. - Good beer selection - Nice patio, good mix of in the sun or shade tables. - Nice variety of specials! Tuesday special is the best!!! Beers specials Mon and Thurs. - The manager usually stops by our table when we are here, so that is always very nice! Glad they care about their customers having a good experience! - Waitstaff is always very friendly and nice!


Brad Martone

7 months ago

Every couple of years a friend invites me to one of their locations. The place itself is super cool inside. The hostess was great. Sadly, that was the peak of our visit. Service wasn't great. this new generation of service people seem to think that their job is talking with the other service people by the kitchen instead of a customer, who might actually need something. Perhaps they should request their tips from their coworkers instead... We waited a long time for our pizza, despite a very quiet restaurant. My friend goes here much more frequently. We had to ask for salt...pepper...cheese...etc. you get the idea. After we finished the server came and took one pan back, but left the other and both empty plates and silverware. I don't get it. It is a bit like they're "not all here." I think they got my last $17 for a $6 pizza. ~$4 for chicken and pepperoni on a pizza the size of a very small plate. 9 thin slices of pepperoni and about 3 bites of chicken (we had to cut off and throw the chicken fat away). It should be embarassing to take money for this amount of product.


Raquel Harrison

2 weeks ago

I went to this place for the first time in a long while, and yes it does cost a pretty penny, the service was excellent and the options were just as good! I very much enjoyed my pizza I got a small and had 1 slice left over! I also order a mocktail which was very reasonable and was very delicious! I definitely would come back because the food was good and the atmosphere was extremely relaxing!!


Catherine Arnold

10 months ago

We've been to Mellow Mushroom restaurants across the United States and they've been delicious, laid back and lovely. But this one provided a horrible experience all around. We ordered two gluten free pizzas and a regular pizza to go for my Dad. My seven year old daughter threw up after eating her pizza in the restaurant (on her plate) and we thought it was because the burnt, overcooked pizza got stuck in her throat. But my mom and I felt sick later that evening so we're pretty sure we all got sick from the food. Some manager- type looking person came by our table and asked how everything was going and when I told him our pizza was too hard and overcooked to eat and my daughter threw up from the pizza, he simply said that's how we always cook our GF pizzas and asked if I wanted him to cook us more pizzas. As much as I appreciate his attempt, we lost our appetite trying to eat the junk they served us the first time. Over $50 wasted on an awful experience. I will make pizza at home that's delicious.

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