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Joan Graveman

in the last week

Usually I dont ever post reviews but...last night went to Mellow Mushroom and had one of the tastiest bites of food since moving to Charlotte. I ordered the Thai Dyed pizza - curried chicken, Thai chili sauce, garlic/olive oil base with fresh onion, tomato and cucumbers on top. Not expecting much I bit in and it was awesome!!! Perfect balance of curry, spice, savory, sweet!! Service was great too and the balloon guy was great with the little ones. Good for you Mellow Mushroom!!


Grey Hatcher

a week ago

Service/food is worse than it used to be. Had rude wait staff at lunch. Wrong order was brought, then we were over charged. Pizza was under cooked (first time this had happened). Ill update the review if things are better next time. Regardless has clean bathrooms and a good vibe.


Elizabeth Morris

a month ago

Loved my Kosmic Karma pizza, but that was the only good thing about our lunch. First off, they were out of at least 8 of the beers on draft. The managers told us that this was because the menu is going to change in February (today is 12/31). So, apparently if you try to order draft beer here for the next full month, expect it to be sold out. The house pizza lists extra cheese as an included ingredient, however the pizza came with a very light sprinkle of cheese. We had to send it back, and they only added an additional light sprinkle of cheese. It still had way less cheese than the other pizzas we ordered. Eventually, we requested to speak to the manager. Two men came over & just gave us excuses (menu is changing, they were busy last night, & not everyone in the kitchen follows their standards). They did discount our meal in the end, however it was a very disappointing lunch. The management was the biggest letdown.


Mike Fernandez

3 weeks ago

Fun place and cool vibe. Kids like the kid's meal sizes. Queso pretzel bites are a must. Kids size pizza is also pretty good.


Lisa Holmes

a month ago

Brought my new family of four here first time with baby 3 months and toddler. Delivered burnt pizza took 30 more minutes to make second pizza. Had to take entire dinner home to eat hours later. Very disappointed although they compt pizza. Not a great night out with new family that was much needed.