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****Country Boys Outdoors ****

3 weeks ago

Went for breakfast Sunday morning (6/24/18) and it was our first time. We were going to be shopping in Charlotte, and started the day off here for breakfast. Big big WIN!!!! The pace was clean, nostalgic, welcoming, and awesome. That was just upon entrance. The food? Awesome breakfast. I had French toast w/ strawberry chutney and sausage links. My son had pancakes and liver mush, and my wife had eggs scrambled, with bacon and a gravy biscuit. It is a platter, but I forgot the name. Everything was so good and hearty. Days of a good filling breakfast are long fine with the advent of fast food. This hit the spot, and to be honest, we would make the 40 minute drive just to have breakfast again. The decor and design is awesome with albums and album covers of Hendrix, Elvis, and others. It feels like the 1950s, granted I was never in the 50s Our waitress, Keiosha, was so helpful and patient, and very knowledgeable about the menu. She was absolutely the best to have for our first visit. I cant say enough about how good this TRUE DINER is!!!!


Eric Lalone

2 months ago

Fantastic food, simple and delicious! Just what you want from a diner. Saw the chicken and waffles go by a number of times and they looked amazing will have to try them next time. The atmosphere was great - late night after a show at the Underground it was the perfect place to relax and grab a bite and listen to the table of 8 sitting next to us all join together to sing the song playing on the radio - what a great vibe! Service was awesome - friendly and attentive. Will definitely come back!


Jessica Martinson

in the last week

My husband and tired this place out and it food was very good and place has a very cool vibe. The prices are reasonable. Our waitress was good she was a little distracted when serving us but she was friendly. The coffee was warm for the first cup and the second was hot but it was weak. The food is awesome though we will go back again for sure.


Roro Carroll

2 weeks ago

I have been here about 5 times now and decided that I really needed to leave a review. The service has always been top notch. You are seated quickly although they are always busy. Now onto the food. DELICIOUS! I love their shrimp and grits. I always order one to eat and one to go. Plus adding a chicken wings. That is a must. My second go to order is the chicken and waffles but I didn't care for the waffles but love their chicken. So on my last visit here, I saw. I was able to switch the waffles for their french toast. Why in the love of goodness did I not see this before. I have no clue but that literally changed my life. lol The french toast is super fluffy and it paired perfectly with the chicken wings. So what are you waiting go to Midnight Diner? You won't regret it. Enjoy a delicious meal at the Midnight Diner!


Madeline Velazquez

a week ago

Bonnie the manager wow what good things I can say about her!!! NOTHING NADA ZERO ZILCH. why was the manager arguing w a customer about the food I got served at the Diner today!!! Bonnie informed me that I ate half of my food so I HAD TO PAY EXACTLY THE HALF I ATE!!! Im a Waitress n I never ever heard of such B.S I was not satisfied for the quality of the food but I had to pay for it per Bonnie because those are the rules.. Someone above her management please contact me. Im very very embarrassed first and foremost cause she was yelling at me Yelling at me telling me those are the rules!!!! Unacceptable. Not very good management skills at all!!!!!! She was sarcastic condescending, rude and yelled at me!