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2 weeks ago

I have been here multiple times, investing in the "experience". The food is good. The service needs to be focused on here. When I pay over $150 for meals with my family on their Birthday, you can allow the server to make a Birthday dessert. It was my daughters Birthday, she loves the place, told the server- server did NOTHING to enhance the experience, make something happen- just handed us the check. People come to celebrate and enjoy. This was the last time I will come here. There are plenty of Korean restaurants that offer authentic food and better service and you don't have to deal with the homeless people in downtown Charlotte panhandling. Also their desserts are not made in house- such a shame-one of the servers told me that they cam from G-Mart... and they don't even offer authentic rice cake desserts? The servers do not go above and beyond to offer any experience- they are dull and just working for that % off of high dollar restaurant menus. We still tipped our server more than we should have honestly- she didn't speak to us or offer anything special about the experience. Took our order and disappeared. BYE MOA. I once believed in you... now I do not. I once recommended you to everyone I knew... never again.


Sanita Tucker

6 months ago

My daughter is home from the Navy, before she moves to Spain, so we let her choose the place for lunch. We decided to partake in the #1premium combo. I wasn't a big fan of having to cook my own food, just like, I purposely try to avoid the self checkout line in grocery stores! When you're ready to eat, it's not ideal to have your food delivered to the table raw. However, it allowed for extended time doing something together. The marinated meats are a better choice being that you don't have any seasonings aside from salt & pepper to flavor your meats. The cold sides leave a lot to be desired, & the choice of 2 hot sides were extremely skimpy servings, with not even enough for the 3 of us to share. The experience was something I could've continued to live without, & the food was just not up to the $150+ price tag!


Chanaroj Teantanawat

in the last week

My first time eating Korean BBQ in Charlotte and this place was so awesome!! The environment is great and luxurious. The staffs are nice and give us recommendations for menu; and help us grilling!!! The food looks yummy and clean!! And you can ask for side anytime and it costs nothing!! (Kimchi, etc.) You guys who read my review you MUST GO!!


Sean Anderson

a year ago

This place was fantastic! We took a vacation to Charlotte to try the Korean BBQ in the area, and this place did not disappoint! Not only was the food amazing, but our server Brian was amazing! He offered recommendations about the best pairing for each meat in our platter, but never felt overbearing. I couldnt recommend MOA or Brian enough!


Amanda Fergusontyer

9 months ago

This spot was a magnificent involvement in really effective and amicable staff, superb and heavenly food and a stunning climate! We came for Mother's Day and it was the best choice! We had SO MUCH FOOD that our table was totally full! The climate was so chill and loose with an extraordinary jazz blend playing. Our server was extraordinary and had decent discussion. What's more, obviously that cooking was simply great!! We adored each moment here and we'll be back!

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