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Amber Allen

9 months ago

I had a really terrible food experience in Rock Hill and needed to make up for it, so my friends and I came here for dinner based on the reviews. The food was delicious and authentic, with a menu that was concise but still had a good variety of options. The staff was friendly, and the atmosphere of the restaurant was great. It is a small place, so make sure you don't go in a rush because there more than likely will be a wait. Best gyoza I have had in a while!


Harrison Webb

6 months ago

Had one of the best meals of my entire life the other day. Went for lunch and ordered the A Lunch, which seems to be the chefs choice for the day. It came with a savory soup with dumplings in it and a main course of beef, rice, noodle salad, and veggies. Everything tasted perfect. I've been here many times and have never been disappointed. I will be back many more times.



11 months ago

The service here is outstanding. The waitstaff is kind and efficient. The food is some of the most authentic Ive had, and we were so glad to get a table. Do note that, since it is a small restaurant, you will need to prepare to wait or get takeaway. My wife got a bento box, and I got sushi. Both were delicious. I had never had conch before, which had an interesting flavor. Cant wait to go back!


Craig Garrison

4 months ago

Only place that I know of for TRULY authentic Japanese cuisine. I've been to Japan before and Musashi is the only place I can find certain dishes that I loved while over there. This place is top notch.


Alana Olmeda

8 months ago

Went last Friday night with my husband, Weber been wanting to try this place out. The service was very good, everyone was very attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. The food was very good, authentic Japanese flavors and style. Everything we ordered was delicious! We will definitely return. Only downside is the place is small so once it is full you may have to wait for a table, but totally worth it!

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