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As arguably the most beloved sushi restaurant in Charlotte, New Zealand Cafe is one of the best hidden gems in the city. We recommend their famous sushi boat. It serves two and includes soup and salad, the chef's selection of sushi and sashimi, and two other sushi rolls.

Cuisine Type: Asian

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Ross Goddard

a year ago

My favorite sushi place for a very reasonable price for the quality. They have an excellent selection of sushi/sushi rolls both fried and fresh. The inside is intimate but very small. If you don't like being close to other tables this isn't your spot. The good news is their take out service is excellent. Best takeout sushi I've had anywhere. They really go the extra mile to make it look nice (see pics) as well as study and safe to transport home. The service in the restaurant though is very friendly and good. Love this place.



11 months ago

I was eating outside from another restaurant with my family when one of New Zealand Cafe employees came outside and started to chat with us. Long story short I went in and ordered some bang bang shrimp which was pretty good. I like the vibe inside of the restaurant it seem pretty chill. I havent eaten enough from here to give a full review but so far Ive like it.


Ryu Fan

8 months ago

Pleasant experience. Quality of sushi was reasonable. Kind of expensive for what Im used to in California but overall nice place. Its not a big spot but NZ is one of the best options in the city within a 20 mile radius. We got the sushi boat and its great for 2 adults. We spent about $40 a person


Joven Aquino

a year ago

This is a great place to get sushi in Charlotte! It is a small restaurant with not many seats, but the atmosphere was very nice and cozy. I got the sushi and sashimi combo and it was great! The fish was very fresh and tasty. Their menu is very big so there is something for everyone. Would recommend!


Karen Jaskulis

2 months ago

Fresh, amazing, great tasting food every time. Stumbled across New Zealand and havent went any other place since then. Every time my son comes to town we make sure to go and enjoy the BEST sushi around.

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