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Malik Elhindi

3 weeks ago

Not enough has been made of Ninety's remake. This place was probably going out of business before they remodeled. Now they serve creative desserts. Grab your food and eat outside because the place is crowded enough without you taking up room inside to eat your ice cream donut. The cookie monster yumee bun is always a solid choice. The macaroon ice cream sandwiches are a close second for me. Great place to impress your friends (or your date) with fancy looking dessert fusions.


Steven Baker

a month ago

Great ice cream experience. Creative, this is a unique place. I haven't tried a sandwich yet, but if the ice cream is any indication, it should be good. They make everything right when you order, so be prepared for a slight wait.


Taylor Johnson

a month ago

I had the green tea macaroon sandwich with strawberry ice cream. It was really really really good but i couldn't enjoy it at a table because all of them were dirty and sticky. The floor in the shop was disgusting too. Almost made me not want to eat my ice cream. Made me wonder if their kitchen was kept clean.


Corey H

2 weeks ago

This place was awesome, it was very busy but we got our stuff really fast and they were really nice. I got the strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich. They use donuts for the bread, I've never had anything like that. I'd definitely recommend this place


Nancy Fulmer

2 months ago

There was a time when we would drive all the way from Cotswold to get a Reuben sandwich and potato salad at Nineties but never again. We happened to be in the University area today and stopped in. What used to be one of the best Reubens I've ever eaten - wonderful marbled bread, piled high with corned beef and sauerkraut and just enough dressing to moisten it - is now soggy bread (drenched with dressing) and almost no sauerkraut. The fabulous German potato salad is no longer available. The Diet Coke was not mixed properly and very heavy on the syrup. My hands were covered with the French dressing on the sandwich and no way to wipe them off as the "napkins" were only a tiny bit larger than a square of toilet tissue. You can get ice cream anyplace but that Reuben and potato salad was worth a trip across Charlotte - now it's just another run of the mill ice cream place.