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Javier Carranza

10 months ago

First of all, this location is really nice. It's got a good view of the pond and it's in a nice hidden area but one that is still easy to access. As far as food goes, it was very good. The menu was easy and not too large. I had the California Benedict and while it could have used some extra seasoning I thought the Benedict itself was great and a great spin on traditional eggs Benedict. The qr code to pay was genius, I didn't know about it initially until the server told me but I really liked that idea and wish more restaurants did it.


Kenise Taylor

9 months ago

The drinks were awesome this time. I tried their everything bagel with egg and candied bacon. Its right off the boardwalk if you ever want a quick mimosa.


Sandeep Grandhi

11 months ago

My expectations were for the price, the quantity was good but the quality was not so good. They missed to put salt and pepper in my omelette. And I found hair in mine mid way through and since it was take out there was nothing I could do so left it. Since they were busy, had to wait more than 20 min for the food order . The food was filling.


Mrs. Ty Hamilton-Robinson

a year ago

All of the food was lukewarm..you try eating eggs lukewarm. YUCK! We were on a wait for 45 minutes, thankfully there was beautiful scenery, (its located beside Boardwalk Billy's) on a Sunday at about brunch time. The wait staff was a complete mess. (I am unsure if it was due to COVID-19 or not.) I saw my server only to take my order and give me my check. For everything else, I had to wave someone down. The food is overly priced. For example, two pieces of bread (French toast) with three pieces of bacon cost $11.9 (pictures below) The "famous hash" was greasy and mushy throughout. (That was disappointing.) The champagne shots taste like Mad Dog or Alie. (they were almost $17!) The syrup was pure sugar with no defining taste. Don't even get me started on the breakfast pizza.... The bacon was greasy and undercooked. Sacrilege! I came away believing that this restaurant is for hungover college students needing bread and grease to soak up all the alcohol from the previous night of partying. No flavor required. My reason for going to Famous Toastery was to treat my little brother of whom I came to visit. (He goes to the neighboring university.) I spent $59.00($70.00 including the tip) and I literally only had two bites of the whole spread. My little brother loved it. Receipts below. You have been warned.



3 weeks ago

Upon entry "host" doesn't know when someone comes in because they are not at the front desk. They will walk up and try to seat whoever they make eye contact with rather then who comes in first. Food is okay. The waffle was amazing, sides however were bland - no flavor what so ever. The potatoes are not flavored just colored for looks. Everything looks & taste like free hotel breakfast. (just my opinion) The shrimp & grits were runny, had a little heat ( nothing bad though if your okay with some spice), a bit over priced for the portion (my opinion). The lilttle homemade biscuit was very nice and help accommodate the spice of the meal. Server was okay as well, she did seem a little distracted with a conversation with another worker at one point that delayed our refills once.

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