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Teri Hamilton

a month ago

I ordered some meatball subs for delivery and we were very disappointed. Their marketing team is amazing considering what their food looks like online. The reviews are so good yet far from accurate. I was expecting much better for $17 per sandwich. There is no way this food is made in-house. The sauce tastes like aluminum. I guess it was a good thing it was so scarce that my sandwich was dry. The meatballs were so bland. All I could taste was pepper. They were mushy and there were only THREE on my sandwich! There was also barely any cheese. They got to my place hot though. So hot in fact they were obviously microwaved. Like some of their other patrons I have also been to Italy. NO reputable Italian would EVER serve something like this. The first picture is from this place. I have added two pictures of what a good meatball sub looks like for reference.


vince feliciano

4 months ago

This gem is what an excellent Italian restaurant is all about. A small, family run, hole in the wall, unassuming restaurant with a small, simple menu but the craft and quality of the food and staff is perfection. Today, on a cold rainy day this turned out to be the highlight of our day. Checking out the reviews I found that out of almost 500 reviewers they maintain an incredible 4.8 stars... That's unheard of. I love this place and highly recommend.


aubrey millimaki

a year ago

My mimosa was $13...


Alex Stevens

2 months ago

Called them at opening to see if they could accommodate enough pizza for a office party with roughly 30 people. They were super helpful said they could absolutely do that even though it was such short notice. When I arrived the person in charge was the absolute best had someone help me load all the pizzas and had just a super friendly staff. The pizza was absolutely amazing all around great job


Christopher Crusius

a month ago

Exceptional staff and setting. Service was prompt but never pushy, making the experience very convenient, eliminating big restaurant wait times. Menu was top notch with amazing ingredients. Whomever put this menu together has a rich palate necessary for good Italian cuisine. Pizzeria Omaggio is definitely on my "you need to go" places in Charlotte.

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