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Paul and Lillian Bruns

4 months ago

We've eaten here twice and both times it has been pretty good. Seems to be very popular with flight crews and it has good wholesome food. Tasty and fresh ingredients made right in front of you which can make for a bit of a wait. Prices seemed reasonable.


The K Green Show

6 months ago

It was an okay experience. Long line and the sign for the size of sandwich is a bit deceiving. An original is only like 5 inches long for $8.50. It's an airport so I get it. Staff was doing just enough to take my order and make a sandwich. No more no less, and that's okay. Sandwich was cold in the middle. I probably would not go back. Update: so our layover was so long that I actually did go back as the kiddos wanted a sandwich. They loved the sandwiches as did the Mrs. ... so the rest is just fluff. Give them a try. Upgraded from 3 to 4 stars.


Priscilla Hardwick

6 months ago

This was my first time eating here and it was a good choice. I had the Ham n Swiss all the way and it was fabulous! Well definitely return when I come back.


Jess Meaders

7 months ago

Our sandwiches were legit. The service was a little up and down from person to person on the line, but the food was legit. Disfruta/Enjoy!


Andrew Cox

5 months ago

Was it the best sandwich I've ever ate, no and that's why it's not a 5 star. That title still belongs to my own creation. If you happen to be in the Charlotte airport and craving a deli style sandwich, you definitely need to give this place a try. Would've taken a foodie picture, but when you order a wreck it shows up as a wreck. That could've been my fault though because when you ask the girl to load it down, it's going to be loaded down. Dont pay attention to the little ninnie reviews that give the place a one star because there's no napkins or the staff seems rude to you. Most likely they're giving what they're getting to the 3000th customer they saw that day. Be sure to make it a combo and pick up some of the VooDoo Heat from Zapp's, the smokey meat pairs great with the sweet heat of the chips.

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