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West Charlotte

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Jim Deal

a month ago

A favorite stop when passing through Shelby. Excellent classic North Carolina barbecue with generous portions at great prices. The service is prompt, attentive, and friendly. The fries and hush puppies are like no other, somehow slightly crispy on the outside, soft and delicious inside!


Roger Schreiner

a week ago

First time ordering and the food was mediocre at best and over priced. Potato salad was good. I wish i could tell you how the coleslaw was but they never put it in with my order. Sweet Tea was way too sweet for $5 a gallon and the lemonade tasted like some country time store mix. Nothing to write home about as far as BBQ goes. Probably won't go back because its just over priced and there are better BBQ places you can eat for the same cost. Very disappointed after all the hype about this place!!


Austin Seagrave

3 weeks ago

Been going for years. This was the first place I ate inside during covid. They do a great job of making you feel comfortable and not worrying a bit about being too close to people. And they're even doing ordering at curbside and bringing to your car.


McDaniel Kelly

3 months ago

Bridges is incredible. I sadly moved out of state long ago, but every time Im in the area visiting my family I make it a point to dine at or pick up Bridges. I dont know whether I love the pulled pork or the hush puppies most. Theyre both the best Ive ever had and Ive been everywhere.


jole kilfoil

a year ago

Excellent food and good service. Got there early when they opened started getting crowed while we were there. Hush puppies were really good, I got chopped pork it was really good and portions were great. Slaw was okay, I like red slaw but it was a little tart. Well worth the visit. I would recommend it. Visited again EXCELLENT!!