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Andrew Swan

6 months ago

If you are looking for exceptional sushi, then this is the place. The sushi is fresh and delicious! The sushi rice is near perfection with proper rice to ingredients ratio. The sushi quality is consistently great. The servers are prompt and pleasant. It made the list.


Mimi Hsu

9 months ago

It has been a while since Ive eaten here. The service was very good and the food came out quickly and exactly what we ordered. Enjoyed the stuffed jalapeos appetizer and it packed a lot of flavor while being spicy at the same time. The cream cheese mellows it out. Definitely worth a try when you go! Had the sashimi platter and some other rolls. Everything was very fresh and delicious.


Sue Ann Marie

10 months ago

I come here often and if you look you will see many photos I have taken in the last two + years. I'm so sorry to say that lately, the food is hit or miss and not consistent. One visit it can be the most delicious meal and the next can be not good at all. I need to add the rolls are consistent and the seaweed salad too, but the rest is not. I believe there are different cooks and they cook differently. I did speak to our waitress and told her my thoughts on the food and expressed that my husband and I were going to pay but the one dish out of two was not what is was in prior visits. The chicken dish was mostly breading and very dry. The sauce was off. She seemed taken back and her demeanor changed. With the price of the food I felt compelled to comment. I will continue to order rolls and Seaweed Salad as they are very tasty here.


Genghis Cahn

11 months ago

Beautiful place to relax and dine tucked in a beautiful shopping/office buildings. Waiters and staff were very friendly and helpful. The food was out of this world and were decorated in each plate--a work of art! Each dish was fresh and has a distinctive taste to satisfy our cravings. We all definitely had a great experience and look forward to come back.


Patrick Conlon

a year ago

This Place is Amazing - the service is impeccable and they treat everyone very well. I have been coming here for a few months now as I am new to the area and this is my go to sushi spot. They are very tentative to ALL of their customers. I definitely recommend trying this place if your looking for fresh and delicious food.

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