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E Blount

a year ago

Rico's Acai was a really pleasant experience. 1. The bowls are delicious! The fruit is very fresh and you feel great after eating these bowls. As others have mentioned there is not a great deal of Acai in the bowl! It tastes so good it leaves you wanting a bit more. 2. They are fairly pricey. However, the fruit here is a bit more fresh than some other places in the area. I think the prices are pretty good for what you get. 3. Customer service was excellent, however, we had to wait about 10-15 minutes for our order to be fulfilled. They have outdoor seating so you can wait for your food or enjoy your order on nice days.


Heather Manos

10 months ago

See photos. This bowl was not fresh and has some weird thing in the bottom. It looked to be prepared long ago and then frozen and taken out of freezer and sent for delivery. Gross. It had something that had frozen in the bottom - but it wasnt water. It was of a plastic consistency. Worst thing is I tried to contact the store - left a message on voicemail AND emailed them. Never heard anything back. So hence this review.


Shea Herbi

8 months ago

This place never seems to disappoint me. The last time I was in NC I googled acai bowl and found their little hidden truck and it was great then and it's still great now. Their acai bowls lack nothing! Beyond delicious, but; you don't have to take my word for it. More for me I always say


Chris Baldwin

3 weeks ago

Decent but prices have gotten ridiculous compared to other alternatives with far bigger bowls and more toppings. Hard pass going forward. RESPONSE TO OWNER: I respect your right to charge what the market will bear. Id also encourage you to benchmark against other alternatives who seemingly provide the same or better product at a substantially lower price, without sacrificing quality. My benchmark would be Kures Bowl of the Gods They recently raised their prices ~10% I believe, but its still a fraction of a similarly built bowl at Ricos. $20+ for a medium bowl with frozen ingredients leaves a lot to desire.


Adam Rubin

6 months ago

Waited 15 mins for two bowls. Paid nearly $12 for a medium and its 90% granola, peanut butter and bananas. Cant taste the Aa, total waste of money.

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