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Josh Madsen

3 weeks ago

My favorite. At one time I must have eaten there maybe 10 days in a row for weekday lunches. Great spot. I recommend all of their locations but this is the one that made me familiar with their high quality brand.


Lisa Duncan

a month ago

Like another customer below, I had a terrible experience with Sabor. I have ordered from them from Door Dash twice in the last couple of weeks. The first time, it took an hour and a half to receive the food. The driver told me she had to make two other pick ups before mine. The second time was last night. There was an item missing which I had paid for. I called the store to be rudely told its not their problem and to call door dash. The kid then put me on with his manager. He told me the same and was extremely rude and that was up to Door Dash. I asked who is responsible for fulfilling the order. He told me that I was just trying to ask every question under the sun and hung up. Extremely rude and terrible management. They should be ashamed at the way they represent this company. I will not be ordering from them again.


Jatana Cloud

a year ago

Fast service! Fresh food! $1Taco Tuesday, you can make your own tacos also. The only issue is that you pay xtra for things like sour cream- .50, peppers on your quesadilla 1.00 - all else is awesome! Great place to eat!!


Carson Banks

a month ago

i give this spot a thumbs up. looking forward to a return visit. they have so many great reviews for a reason.


Akash Shah

2 months ago

Order a quesadilla. Selected vegetarian ingredients. Sabor was so charitable, they gave me free chicken on my vegetarian quesadilla for free. Thank you so much for being decisive and telling me what I should eat without caring about my beliefs, religion and food choices. Next time I order a quesadilla, let's ignore my order altogether and give me a burrito, okay? Thank you!!