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Megan Smith

in the last week

Juan was amazing. Offered solutions for every issue which occurred. Restaurant manager/ fill in supervisor or whatever was lacking however. Stale chips with an $11 appetizer... no apology... steak cooked Medium well when ordered medium rare to rare.. no apology. Didnt even table touch. The most we saw the manager do was show a server how to place silverware on the table correctly, I guess thats as far as his skill level ranged. Tip of the day, dont send the main chef home and keep your back up on the day after Valentines Day or well ever. People expect better from $30+ priced steaks that could be incredible but again lacked by far. A free app and dessert isnt suffice and doesnt make up for a simple apology from a manager and/or supervisor as he was called. From one restaurant manager to another I am simply appalled. Our first visit the food impressed us and during a revisit you have lost my interest. Im assuming many others who know The business feel the same way. Needless to say I expected more and once again want to thank Juan for being a great server and making us feel as welcome as possible and being extremely apologetic. It is in no way his job to do so, it is a manager or supervisor, so thank him once again for me or better yet, have your supervisor in the blue shirt do so.


Mrs King

4 months ago

I'd rate this place a 2.5. The ambiance is nice and relaxing, but the service and the food does not meet the standards portrayed on the website. The entrees: sweet tea chicken from the regular menu and the mushroom stuffed chicken from the Queen's Feast menu with sides are very bland and lack the flavorful description of ingredients so delectably presented on the menu. The presentation also lacked flair; the photos displayed on the site are definitely a misrepresention of what was received. Rocky River Grille has an excellent resume (website, photos, description), but misses the mark of delivering set expectations. On the bright side, the appetizer: goat cheese stuffed sweet peppers, was great.


K Ellis

in the last week

Servers at the Bar were awesome but Drink menu doesn't indicate how much the drinks are. Very overpriced for 2 Drinks.


One Modern Couple

6 months ago

We enjoyed our meal here, we had chicken and corn wontons and a burger, which was a pretty decent burger. The service was the best part, the two girls there that served us we so sweet and nice, they made our day. We would definitely eat here again if we get the opportunity.


shorty S

a month ago

Super excellent service. Amazing food!