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A'shia M

11 months ago

Absolutely delicious food and the atmosphere was very cozy and intimate. The restaurant is tucked away inside a building and kinda hidden so it's pretty easy to miss however definitely worth looking for! The food was so delicious and the service was very quick. Everything tasted amazing and was served quickly. The decor inside was nice and the restaurant was not overly crowded. Everyone not eating was wearing a mask. I greatly appreciate the fact that the nori can be subbed for soy paper here. Looking forward to coming back!!


John Koz

4 months ago

Spectacular. Just spectacular! This place has made it for over a decade in uptown Charlotte, which has been a revolving door for restaurants. It's quaint, and no frills, except for the food and service. They just grind here. One of the best sushi spots I've ever been to. Brandon, the manager, runs a tight ship. Go here!


Chasity H.

9 months ago

Long wait time for a table, it was about twenty to thirty minutes during lunch around 12:45 on a Monday. There were 5-8 empty tables that needed to be cleaned off so I assume theyre understaffed because it took a while. I did notice about 15-20 to-go and delivery orders sitting on the counter so I figured this place must be good! It was very much worth the wait because the food came out quickly after we ordered and it tasted great! The waiter was as attentive as he could be during a busy lunch. They have a simple and easy to read menu with good portion sizes. I tried: Side of brown rice Spring roll Philadelphia Roll They were all perfectly plated and I will be back to this place for sure. Maybe order for pick up during lunch though. Why only four stars? Because the rest of the employees were in their own worlds and not very welcoming. There are no waiting seats or areas and we had to just stand in a line in the hallway of the lobby for a long time. The restaurant is short staffed.


Drew Osborne

5 months ago

A nice small out of the way sushi location in uptown. It's a nice, quiet, and clean getaway for lunch. The food here is very excellent and the sushi seems fresh. My only current grip is the way the tofu is done. A nice soft quick fry, tempura like is expected, however this came out almost katsu like in texture. While still good, it completely changes the palate. Pictured: Sushi Combo B (Eel maki and Mackerel), Fried Tofu, Volcano Salad.


Sri Harsha Kurra

4 months ago

Food tastes good and service can be a little faster as they have limited people working at the hour of pur visit. Had Katsu Chicken for Lunch. Liked the choice of options you can chose depending on your preference. Recommend this place and would have been a 5 star had the service been faster/better.

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