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Rooster's Wood-fired Kitchen - Uptown





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Thomas Jacobs II

a month ago

I always love eating at Roosters & this time was no exception. It was great to be able to eat at the location in Uptown after they were closed for so long. It was a team effort amongst the staff working hard yo make sure we were taken care of the whole time we were there. The BBQ chicken was wonderful. The BBQ sauce had a strong tangy taste but great option if you like chicken. The fan favorite at our table was the hanger steak. This is our classic go to because we love a good steak & this one didn't let us down at all. Definitely a great choice if you're a steak lover like we are. When ordering a side keep in mind they are big enough to feed AT LEAST 2 people. If you don't have eaters who eat a lot you may be able to split 3 (maybe even 4) ways. Roosters is a excellent date night choice!


Courtney V

a week ago

Did not have the best experience here. Since Ive moved to Charlotte people recommended this place but it caught fire in 2019 or early 2020 and then pandemic hit so I hadnt gone. Finally went for lunch. Hostess was genuine and sweet when we arrived. Made a reservation and were seated straight away. Our server was nice but seemed busy- no problem. Biggest issue is when the food came. We ordered two salads, my guest with chicken and mine with steak. Steak was okay, flavor was mild. My guest received pink chicken. We immediately asked the server and she told us the chicken was cooked twice and was sure it was fine but IT WAS PINK. So she asked if we wanted to see the manager and of course we did. Mind you we were very mild mannered and calm, just wanted it taken care of. Manager said the same thing- its cooked twice so surely it would be fine. We told her it was pink and tried to move it into better light for her to see. She said it was probably fine and asked what we wanted to do about it. I was shocked- shocked- it was pink chicken. I told her wed like a remake of the chicken and salad. She took without saying a word and returned shortly with a new plate. Still a little bothered by the experience. Not sure I will return.


Dwight Oliver

2 months ago

Excellent service and awesome food. Props to the chef! The kitchen staff were a great team. Watching them work together was an experience not often seen. The management was in touch with customers and remained in the background and provided support only when needed. We highly recommend and definitely will return! Thank you!



4 months ago

So, Im not being hyperbolic, but this establishment hands down has the BEST service Ive ever had in my life. Wow! They seriously care about your dining experience, which is rare. Theyre so kind. All of them. Plus the food is amazing. Must go to.


Leigh Hughes

2 months ago

The staff and management were very nice but the food was not particularly our style. The salmon my mom had was good but my sister and I have never had a Caesar salad made with just arugula in it. Kind of pricey for what it was.

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