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8 months ago

The food here is simply amazing. Very well cooked and prepared. Everything was full of favor and perfectly cooked. The chicken was absolutely perfect. The veggies and sauce were full of flavor and cooked for a good amount of time to develop a great flavor. Best tasting Indian food so far in the area. Definitely worthy of a visit and a return.



3 months ago

Weve tried this restaurant once before because we were craving Indian food. At first, you walk in and its an assuming mom and pop shop. But the food here is crazy good. They give you generous portions and ask how spicy you want your food, on a scale of 1-10. We got a few things off the menu, but their butter chicken rocked our world. We decided then that we would definitely be back. Tonight, we stopped by a second time for our long awaited butter chicken. It was just as we remembered, if not better. We noticed the kitchen had forgotten our side of extra rice, so when we went back inside to ask for it, BK, the server, corrected the mistake and gave us complimentary mango smoothies. Royal Biryani has officially turned us into life time fans. If youre in the area, you have to try it. No regrets. Youll thank us later. :)


loni stalls

2 months ago

This place is small but very homey. The staff treat you like a friend or family. The mango lassi was really good and not too sweet like some can be. We ordered the jaduee gobi for our appetizer and it came out after a few minutes and was super hot at first but we couldn't stop eating it. I could come here just to eat the cauliflower for a main dish but I didn't. I ordered the goat saagwala with some onion naan and Joe got shrimp tikka masala. (Shrimp isn't on the menu for tikka but we paid a little extra for it). The saagwala was also amazing and creamy with so much flavor but not spicy since I ordered a level 3. The tikka was good but not the best we've had and the rice was a little clumped but it was the end of the day so can't fault them for that. Over all will definitely be back to eat here again. Maybe try some of the dishes again or something new



6 months ago

What a pleasant and authentic dining experience. I was amazed to have such delicious food and such diverse choices. All of the menu items were prepared by hand... that means this is not fast food. Don't walk in expecting to receive your food immediately. They are making it with quality and that takes time! SO DELICIOUS! Definitely add Biryani to any meal choice and split it amongst your table. Don't skimp on the NAAN... you will regret it. VEGETARIAN OPTIONS ABOUND! Real Chai Masala!!! Spice level made just for you! That's right you who are afraid of spice.... YOU CAN EAT HERE! Don't hesitate to take a chance on this AMAZING little nook of India!!!


Anna Petrovna

a month ago

The reviews is what made us try it. You walk in and this amazing aroma hits your nose and only makes you more hungry :-) We ordered chicken biryani and butter chicken. Garlic naan and onion . Everything was delicious! They ask you the spice level you want 1-10. Lots of people were through in the short 30 min we waited for our food. Would order again when in the area.

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