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Aleks Baran

a year ago

Probably the biggest pool hall Ive ever seen! There are so many tables its almost absurd. The tables are clean, tend to have loose/forgiving pockets, and have felt with significant travel that takes a sec to get used to. My favorite thing about this place is the mixed crowd and how lively it was. On a Friday night this place was bumping with seemingly every demographic ranging from college students to the typical pool crowd. The vibe was safe, friendly, and spacious. The food was typical bar food for what youd expect from a pool hall. Service was good and prompt.


Sarah Rice

4 months ago

Theres a noticiable sign on the door saying nobody under 21 after 10pm. Me an my friends walked in at 8pm and I was the only one under 21 (I am 20 turning 21 in a few months so not a child). A woman came up to me and asked for my ID. I was sitting in a chair watching my friends play pool I dont really understand why I looked like such a problem. I told her I was not drinking and she said she still needed my ID. I told her I was not 21 because their sign said I could stay until 10pm. She looked as though she had no idea what I was talking about. Lets not forget there was a clear under 21 year old playing pool and a four year old sitting at the bar with his parent. Not sure why they had such an issue with me or couldnt at least be consistent or follow the sign on their own door.


Dilora Obi

2 weeks ago

I came here today, and I received terrible customer service from Kelly. Very rude lady, barely approached me, and had the audacity to slam my card and receipt, just because I wanted to get food. Don't come here if you want to try out a new bar, there are other places that deserve my customer service and this one is not it. Also, low-key I feel like she was being racist towards me and my Hispanic friends.


A.J. Horton

4 months ago

Had the "salmon burger" and surprised to see an actual piece of salmon and it was delicious. Sweet potato tots, a bacon cheeseburger and buffalo chicken hoagie were all hits!! Highly recommend. And playing pool was fun, too!


Uhland Michael

12 months ago

Best pool hall I've found in CLT. Watch out for league night. Pretty busy and decently priced beer and liquor

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