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10 months ago

I was in the mood to eat pizza similar to the one in New York where I was a few days ago, the ones of 99 cents. I put on maps pizza near me and appeared this place, simple and perfect for what I was looking for. Besides a piece of Pizza Bought garlic bread and were all very delicious, recommend for lovers of "street" food. I bought it to go and it didn't take more than 5 minutes in the site. For sure I'll be back!


Cynthia R

3 months ago

First time stopping in to try this place. Staff wasnt overly friendly, dont recall even getting a greeting. I told them it was my first time here, usually most restaurants will get excited hearing that news and will even offer to give you suggestions on whats most popular. Nope got none of that. Was just pointed to a menu and told to let them know when Im ready. I got the cheesesteak, it was good but certainly not the best. However I will give them another chance and try pizza next time.


Jordan & Rachel Jeeping Life

11 months ago

Great little pizza joint within walking distance of the Bojangles Colosseum. They had pre-made pizzas you could chose from in the afternoon/evening that they heat up. The garlic knots were the best ever. We had a Buffalo chicken pizza, eggplant Parmesan, and vodka chicken pizza all were very delicious. Great little pizza joint before hockey or anytime for a good pizza.


Raquel S

a year ago

A large pizza was more than I needed but it was only $2 more than a medium so I had to do it, right? Two slices filled me up! Sals doesnt skimp on the toppings like some pizza places. I wish they used fresh mushrooms instead of canned (I think the liquid made the crust soggy on my pizza, which I asked for well done because I like a crispy crust). Im glad I tried Sals to see what all the hype is about. I think its better than Hawthorns but not quite as good as Bisonte.


Brittany Corsell

3 months ago

Horrible service! Was greeted then never received a menu or anything. Finally we had to walk up and ask for menus. Waited forever and then the pizza came out very burnt. The crust crumbled and had the texture of sand. Spoke to others in the parking lot as we left with a similar experience. Plenty of staff not sure what they were doing. 3 were sitting in the back of the seating area. I would avoid going here at all costs. Plenty of other restaurants near by. The bites we did take did not taste good. The pizza was supposed to be drizzled with olive oil and it looks like it was just poured on spots.

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