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Shay B

11 months ago

OMG!!!!The food here is simply out of this world!!! How could such big complex flavors come from such a little restaurant? I don't know but its utter magic I tell you. The staff was professional and courteous . If stick to your ribs comfort food is what you're looking for, this is the place! The only thing that would make it better would be more non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverage options.


Fred Cloos

9 months ago

First ramen Ive tried here in Charlotte. We enjoyed everything we ordered and so did the kids! Good atmosphere for dinner on NYE and was not busy.


Juan Rozo

2 weeks ago

I went to this place because it listed in the first places when searching for a ramen in the Charlotte area, however it was very disappointing. I asked for the classic ramen (the one from the picture) but it was a precooked meal, you can buy that in Walmart or ALDI, I was expecting something special. Same thing for my girlfriends vegetarian ramen, which btw was very spicy. Customer service could be improved as well. The zone has more options for eating, just in case.


Brett Daviau

a year ago

Great tonkotsu ramen. The noodles are good, the broth is great. This is the best Ive had in Charlotte, but $15 is a bit extreme for noodles in a disposable bowl. The best ramen shops in Tokyo might charge that, but that isnt outdoors in disposable dishes. Still, delicious!


Jennifer Moreau

a year ago

OMG delicious, and I thought I was back in Japan! Almost like a little street vendor, but permanent, exactly like the shops in Tokyo. Seating is all along the side of the building (opposite side from the large parking lot). Nice big tables and little tables, umbrellas, etc. If it's raining it's not dry, so go along the back side of the building. We both got the miso style ramen. Perfectly portable bowls, and not tiny either! Fast service, good food, nice people. Definitely will favorite this place.

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