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Davinder Singh

2 weeks ago

This place had a lot of press and since its LA based, my wife and I decided to check it out. This was very average Ramen. The spicy chicken buns from the app menu were a 10/10 but thats where the good flavor stopped. Honestly youre better off with Ramen from some place like Open Rice or CO. My food also came out 15 mins before my wifes. Maybe over time the food and overall experience will get better but lower your expectations. LA based doesnt mean LA flavorfor now.


Leonardo Sampaio

in the last week

Love service and food. Server was very attentive and asked if we were ok. The food was delicious I ordered the blaze tier 2 heat. It had that nice kick and saltiness in the broth. Will recommend.


Victor Gomez

3 weeks ago

Simply delicious! The Pork Bun was to die for. Enjoyed each and every plate we tried. The hype was well worth it


Justine V

2 weeks ago

Food was good. Service could definitely be better. Our server messed up the drink order, and then later on while we were still eating slipped us the bill without asking us if we wanted dessert/anything else. We were still in the middle of our meal. We ordered mochi so when she brought the mochi out, she brought us a new bill which again we had not asked for as we were still eating. It was not very crowded so did not understand the need to rush us out. We were only there an hour.


David Winters

in the last week

A cute fun new place. Food is reasonably priced and the bar is great.