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Sally Park

11 months ago

Food came out very quickly and portion sizes were what I was expecting to be. Service was great. Ive been craving ramen for a while now and this hit the spot. I ordered a few things, so I could have some food left to take home. Highly recommend the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna!


Pavy Phang

4 months ago

Gyoza tasted plain nothing special and almost on the frozen not fresh side of taste. Ramen was oily and cold but tasted okay. I also prefer my chicken to be cut into bite size so I don't have to chew off a chunk and risk it splashing noodles all over my clothes. Place had great ambiance and service was great!


Crystal Butler

9 months ago

I really enjoyed the food. I had the garlic truffle Ramen with pork belly and chicken. The pork belly was great. Will definitely goo again. There was a short wait for a table but we sat at the bar area and had drinks and a appetizers while we waited


Anya Fadul

4 months ago

The food was excellent but I can't say the same about the service, we selected a white peach sake that was exquisite, all our dishes (pork bun and two different types of ramen) were full of flavor with more than enough portions (you probably will need a to go bowl) and the meat, noodles and vegetables were very tender but the host had a face that he has no choice but to work there, there was no welcome, a smile or gratitude gesture of any kind, no manners or good attitude; they need to hire more waiters or a buzzer or do something because the only waiter is running trying to do everything and ends up neglecting certain tables. I can definitely come back for the food but they need to train their staff more or hire new ones with a better attitude. PD: I have been working in this area (I am a waitress) for 5 years and I feel sad and disappointed to see services like this when a simple smile, a thank you or kind gestures of any kind can be the key to get a happy and completely satisfied customer


Kate M.

7 months ago

This wasnt our original plan for lunch BUT Im so glad we decided to eat here! Everything from the pork bao appetizer to the ramen and rice bowls was absolutely amazing. We will definitely be back. The server was very attentive and informative when asked for suggestions on what to get. New fave!

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