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N Shuford

a month ago

Visited this location for a pick up order this morning. The experience was great!!! I've been traveling for two days and the staff at this restaurant have given me a great start to my day. I ordered a veggie omelet that was good, two pork chops that were quite tasty, and two fried eggs. No, I didn't eat it all myself, but everyone was very happy. The pick up experience was easy and quick. I didn't have to ask for cutlery. It's the little things that make an experienced good or bad. Thank you for a good one.


Melody Plowman

3 weeks ago

This place went over and beyond the protocol for COVID regulations. First time we have dined anywhere inside since February and We felt safe! Food was delicious. We were from out of town with family in hospital. We ate here twice, then 2 weeks later had to return and we ate twice again. Three meals we dined inside. Thank You


Yochanan Ben YAH

in the last week here we go, I truly feel like this place has great customer service, I ordered for delivery, so I didn't go to the location. I'm not a petty person, so I want to give them 5 stars just because I know many restaurants aren't thriving in these times, but I have to he honest with other customers who may not be so willing to throw everything they ordered away. The food was so bland, like seriously beyond bland. Meatballs were not good, they say they are beef, but they don't look or taste like beef (just being honest, I could be wrong). Salmon patties (they gave me 3, and I appreciate that, the order was for 2) I ate 1, and if 10 was the highest for good taste, I'd give it a 3 and 1/2 no more than a 5. Yellow rice, no flavor and overcooked, gravy had no seasoning whatsoever. I think they should take the salmon patties off their menu, because too many people will see that on the menu and order it expecting a great home cooked momma or grandma tasting salmon patties and be super disappointed. Again, customer service over the phone was excellent, so I gave 3 stars just because of that, but I should have just ordered a burger (and hopefully, that would have been good tasting).


jonah stephenson

a month ago

My top spot for quality family meals. It was so fresh. Will surely make a return trip. The place has a good feel to it. Menu is like a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.


Esteban Arcila

12 months ago

The main reason I decided to come and try this restaurant, was that Skyland is a Family Owned Restaurant. They are very Grateful to their clients and give thanks to them in every way possible (you can see it Everywhere!!!). The food is typical homemade food and it comes out quickly out of the kitchen. The prices are affordable and they have good customer service. Recommend!