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b c

a month ago

Nice and attentive staff. The menu is all over the place and yet everything is good. I liked the spaghetti. This place is without pretense. Just relax and enjoy it. And it's 24 hours. If you get stuck at the airport, this place isn't too far to reach by cab/carshare and it's a good option if you're in one of the nearby hotels. They also have some good photos of wrestling greats.


David Mohler

a week ago

Typical fair but above average. Salads, sandwiches, some Greek and Italian and daily plate specials. Free bowl of soup of the day with your meal and generous portions. Triple decker club is one of my favorites. If you leave here hungry it's not they're fault!


Yochanan Ben YAH

6 months ago

Okay.....so here we go, I truly feel like this place has great customer service, I ordered for delivery, so I didn't go to the location. I'm not a petty person, so I want to give them 5 stars just because I know many restaurants aren't thriving in these times, but I have to be honest with other customers who may not be so willing to throw everything they ordered away. The food was so bland, like seriously beyond bland. Meatballs were not good, they say they are beef, but they don't look or taste like beef (just being honest, I could be wrong). Salmon patties (they gave me 3, and I appreciate that, the order was for 2) I ate 1, and if 10 was the highest for good taste, I'd give it a 3 and 1/2 no more than a 5. Yellow rice, no flavor and overcooked, gravy had no seasoning whatsoever. I think they should take the salmon patties off their menu, because too many people will see that on the menu and order it expecting a great home cooked momma or grandma tasting salmon patties and be super disappointed. Again, customer service over the phone was excellent, so I gave 3 stars just because of that, but I should have just ordered a burger (and hopefully, that would have been good tasting).


Staci Braswell

4 months ago

About two weeks ago, I visited Skyland with my cousin and I had a disappointing encounter with the owner, Jimmy. I have been a patron of this establishment for almost 20 years. We're Charlotte Natives, so others in my family have been customers of Skyland for years as well. But, I doubt very seriously that I will return. During my last visit, I noticed there were a few gentleman dining in who appeared to be notable in the Greek community. Several customers entering greeted them and their interactions were extremely jovial. I enjoyed observing the comradery between them. After our meal we went to the register to pay for our food. Jimmy was there. The waitress, who was assisting the gentlemen I mentioned earlier, approached Jimmy with a $50 bill. Although the waitress and Jimmy spoke Greek, I was able to gather the context of the conversation. One of the men at the table wanted to pay for our meal. Jimmy became aggressive and refused to take it. After the waitress retreated, one of the men approached with the money in his hand and tried to give it to Jimmy. Again, the two were speaking Greek, but the customer's intention was clear. He stressed that he wanted to pay for our meal. Jimmy, at this point, already had my debit card- and his communication with the customer was stern and forceful. He refused to take the money, processed my debit transaction and threw my card on the counter. I looked at the customer and thanked him for his kindness. He appeared to be defeated and slightly downtrodden after talking to Jimmy and he walked away. Im not confrontational and will usually allow things to play out, but I couldnt help but wonder if Jimmys contemptuous behavior was that way because Im a little Black girl. I didnt ask Jimmy for clarity on his behavior, but his insolence and abrasiveness left a bad taste in my mouth.


Dustin Allen

a year ago

Homey feel and tasty food. We did get a pumpkin flavor French toast without any indication that that's how it would come. Will probably go again if we are in town.

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