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Rickey Jones

10 months ago

Friendly customers service, fresh fruit too. The differ type of blend acai is good, I like the pineapple one now. Next time am trying a smoothie


Josh Mangum

7 months ago

I wish I would have known about this place sooner! I have been missing pit on all the great natural smoothies and all the other fun products they offer like cbd gummies and delta8 seltzer.


Amber Cornell

4 months ago

I am shocked at how good the aa bowl was! I got a small pineapple aa bowl with 1 scoop pineapple aa and 1 scoop peach mint aa, and I added coconut and almond butter. The base of the bowls are SO GOOD! I sampled all of them and was blown away! Usually the base aa is not the highlight of the bowl, the fruits on top are, but not at Smooth Monkey! Wow. I ate every bite.


Carol Williams

a month ago

BEST place in Charlotte for aa bowls and smoothies and Ive tried lots .. I wont name drop lol. Ive taken every single person who has visited me in Charlotte here , from different diverse countries and states here and they all rave about it and want to go back! The ingredients are FRESH! Not commercialized, not full of sugar. There is something so homey and welcoming about this place - the music, The energy, the decor and their staff that I love ! Its the positive vibes and good energy for me! I dont remember the name of the guy (the crazy scientist) , but I saw him the first time and hes the one who made me keep coming back & bringing others- first impressions really do matter - and I look forward to his pleasant smile and infectious bubbly inclusive warm personality. Hes an asset to this place with his above and beyond customer service. Also they have random like daily aa flavors that I ask to try Super unique Super clutch Affordable Inclusive My go to place for aa bowls and smoothies! I could go on and on lol


Elizabeth Herrmann

7 months ago

Best EVER!!!! I work uptown and a coworker ordered from here yesterday and it looked so good so I ordered one today and OMG!!! I will definitely be ordering along with my coworkers very often.

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