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Wendy van Ginkel

a week ago

Third time was the charm! I have attempted to enjoy breakfast at this location twice before but walked away due to the long wait time. This was a mom and daughter day out and thankfully we were seated after only a 15 minute wait. Our server Tessa was fabulous! She was attentive without constantly interrupting our conversation. We elected to indulge in pancakes; chocolate chip and pineapple upside down cake. I highly recommend you treat yourself and have some! Yum! The atmosphere was upbeat and the the surroundings bright and cheerful. We had enough elbow room to eat and talk and enjoy our meal. Four stars for the limited and tight parking situation, but the food and service is worth the visit.


Dani Henry

3 weeks ago

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! My son requested "fun pancakes" for his birthday breakfast and we are so grateful we found Snooze! Absolutely everything we ordered was perfection... the pancake flight was a great addition, and you MUST try the pineapple upside down pancake with the cinnamon butter I enjoyed the option to get on the wait list via website because the line was crazy when we arrived about 915am on a Sunday. The service was fantastic... Tessa even put a little candle in my son's pancake will definitely be back!


Kennedy Lewis

6 months ago

I came here with my sister after she wouldnt leave me alone about how great the place was. I was definitely not disappointed! The food was delicious and the waitress, Kori was very nice and outgoing. She truly made the experience there 10x better. I will most definitely come back and would recommend to anyone!


Rhea Mogilevsky

8 months ago

I came here today to kick off my boyfriends birthday with him and my mom. There was a 25-30 min wait that didnt bother me (expected based on reviews despite it been a weekday). I was pretty disappointed with the slow service though. Tables seated within 5 min of us were able to place their full orders before we had been greeted. Ive been a server so I know how it is when things get busy and youre unable to serve with quality but it just seemed like the effort was minimal for our group. The BIGGEST disappointment was how cold all our food was after a moderately long wait. At this point we were ready to leave so we didnt bring it to their attention but at their price point for breakfast food, Id expect it to at least receive warm-hot food. Nope, cold cold. I had leftovers and put it in the microwave and it was so much better. I actually got a Togo order a few weeks ago and the temp when it got home (20 min drive) was pretty similar to what I was served in person. Dont get me wrong the food is GOOD (hence the three stars) but the dine in experience leaves much to be desired. Order to go!


Sable Jeanette

a week ago

This was our first time visiting. We got it Togo because we didnt want to wait for a table. It was so good! I personally have been craving it since I went last. I did the pick 2 Benedict options because I like variety and it was the best eggs Benedict Ive ever had. I liked how different their options were also. The pumpkin pancake cake was firee and everything had good portions. You can tell everything is fresh and we felt good after eating. If you like delicious breakfast, go here. We will be back for sure

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