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Kennedy Lewis

5 months ago

I came here with my sister after she wouldnt leave me alone about how great the place was. I was definitely not disappointed! The food was delicious and the waitress, Kori was very nice and outgoing. She truly made the experience there 10x better. I will most definitely come back and would recommend to anyone!


Rhea Mogilevsky

7 months ago

I came here today to kick off my boyfriends birthday with him and my mom. There was a 25-30 min wait that didnt bother me (expected based on reviews despite it been a weekday). I was pretty disappointed with the slow service though. Tables seated within 5 min of us were able to place their full orders before we had been greeted. Ive been a server so I know how it is when things get busy and youre unable to serve with quality but it just seemed like the effort was minimal for our group. The BIGGEST disappointment was how cold all our food was after a moderately long wait. At this point we were ready to leave so we didnt bring it to their attention but at their price point for breakfast food, Id expect it to at least receive warm-hot food. Nope, cold cold. I had leftovers and put it in the microwave and it was so much better. I actually got a Togo order a few weeks ago and the temp when it got home (20 min drive) was pretty similar to what I was served in person. Dont get me wrong the food is GOOD (hence the three stars) but the dine in experience leaves much to be desired. Order to go!


Lauren Kelly

6 months ago

Our family had a great brunch here. Lots of outdoor seating was available and the manager and server were very friendly. My husband got the sweet potato hash and was really disappointed because the potatoes were so undercooked they were crunchy. He mentioned this to our server, David, and he put in a brand new order which came out perfect. My husband said the two dishes were night and day. That was a really nice thing for our server to do, David was really awesome! Id definitely return to snooze if Im in the Charlotte area again.


Stephanie Short

8 months ago

Let me just say we LOVE Snooze. My wife and I were attempting to make a tradition for our birthdays. Yesterday we went for my wifes birthday, after waiting for over an hour (which we knew would happen this place is so yummy) we were seated only to be seated right next to a table that a waitress was sitting and talking to guests at. I thought that was odd and hoped she wasnt our waitress. After sitting for five minutes waiting to be greeted the sitting waitress finally stood up and came to greet us. From there on the service was so beyond lackluster. We had asked for suggestions and didnt really get any. She maybe came to the table like four times the whole time we were there. Im a waitress for a living so I normally have a plethora of patience but honestly the service just ruined our whole experience and because of it between three of us we decided to just share the Bravocado Toast. Which is normally so good but it was burnt to a crisp. We left still hungry and looking for somewhere else to start my wifes birthday celebrations. I was so excited to come to snooze and it was killed by absolutely terrible service.


John Coffey

5 months ago

This is the first time I've tried it. I had previously not heard of it. It was excellent. Food and drinks were both exceptional. The variety of the menu was vast and the wait staff was excellent. Will definitely be going back. It was worth the wait

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