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Tal Kelsey

a week ago

The place introduced my taste buds to new flavors I'd never tasted before. It was incredible. Their margaritas are delicious, which is definitely a factor in choosing a Mexican restaurant. I wish their salsa was a little spicier, but that's just me. Great outside patio seating area as well.


Steffon Cumberbatch

2 months ago

This is literally a PERFECT taco spot. The food is great and the servers are very personable but where this place really shines is the decor and ambience. It's bright, colorful, and festive and the open air setup makes you feel like you're out in the tropics as opposed to being smack dab in the middle of Charlotte. If you're looking for a place to eat that briefly makes you feel like you've left the country, definitely give this place a try!


Ivy DeShield

2 months ago

Great watering hole and good Mexican cuisine. Enjoyed the bowls most of all. Tacos were just okay. Margaritas on point! Very airy and inviting on a sweltering summer day...lots of outdoor seating. Rating: A-/B+


Skiff Booma

2 weeks ago

Showed up to place a to go order at 10:45. Waited in the front for about 5 minutes and no one showed up to greet me (although there were two employees chatting on the patio). I walk out to them and asked if I can place a to go order and they tell me the kitchen is probably closed because its 10:50 (when the sign on the door says they close at 11). She walks me to the kitchen where the cook says I dont have any food and I turned off my grills. I dont understand how they expect to stay in business if they are refusing to serve during their normal hours of operations. Wont be returning!!!


David Shackelford

2 months ago

Had lunch there today for the first time, it was overall a great place! Our server, Shannon was great. The manager, Len stopped and conversated with us for awhile about the place. The drinks were different than expected but the server had great suggestions. The food was amazing! Different menu items than typical tacos & burritos, have to be open to new delicious food!