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Karen Piquet Ferreira

a month ago

My husband and I love Thai food. We have been meaning to try this place out for some time, as were in the area almost every weekend. Well, we finally did and it was a disappointment. We were seated immediately (there was just one other party there) and received our drinks right away. Our server (I forget his name) was extremely kind and friendly! Having a baby, we really do appreciate prompt service. Food came out extremely fast. I ordered chicken fried rice and my husband ordered the pad Thai. My rice tasted fishy and my husbands noodles were undercooked and very slimy. Service was great and food was fast, but the taste wasnt very good. Im glad we finally tried this place out but we definitely wont be coming back.



2 months ago

It was pretty good, I liked that they had the fresh veggies cut thinly on the side instead of just mixing them in. It added a fresh crunch to it & both dishes did not have a heavy oil feeling to them! They did have some extra furniture in the dining area which seemed to be a temporary situation that made it a bit unpleasant to look at. Otherwise the service was nice, and place pretty clean!


Gary Hamilton

6 months ago

Hands down the best Thai in the area. Thai first has been a staple here in Blakeny for the last 13+ years - same owners with same fresh ingredients, amazing soups, and Thai favorites. Have been limited to take out since the pandemic but looking forward to them fully reopening.



3 months ago

Food tastes good but lately their shrimp fried rice is sweet. It's got an unusual flavor. Other than that I cannot complain.However, their prices are incredibly high. We used to come here more often but now we slimmed it down to maybe 2/3 times a year. Now less. Also, the workers are unprofessional. It seems class and professionalism is taking a back seat in this country. It's disheartening to witness.



6 months ago

Eating here is a waste of your money. A single dish of pad Thai was $32 after taxes. I expected it to be a large portion given the high price and then was surprised, nay, SHOCKED to receive a very small dish that looked like an appetizer. This place clearly is accounting for Joe Biden's inflation and COVID loss of profits by jacking up their prices. I have eaten here many times. Pad Thai used to be $16. Now it's $26 and $32 by the time you walk away. For ONE SMALL MEAL? Come on Thai 1st, you can do better than this and you should do better than this. Otherwise you will keep losing customers just like you did right now. Bye.

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