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7 months ago

It was pretty good, I liked that they had the fresh veggies cut thinly on the side instead of just mixing them in. It added a fresh crunch to it & both dishes did not have a heavy oil feeling to them! They did have some extra furniture in the dining area which seemed to be a temporary situation that made it a bit unpleasant to look at. Otherwise the service was nice, and place pretty clean!


Nicole Rorie

9 months ago

Very good Thai food as I've traveled to Thailand and eaten the local fare. The prices have gone up for lunch because of temporary inflation and supply chain issues.


Karen Piquet Ferreira

6 months ago

My husband and I love Thai food. We have been meaning to try this place out for some time, as were in the area almost every weekend. Well, we finally did and it was a disappointment. We were seated immediately (there was just one other party there) and received our drinks right away. Our server (I forget his name) was extremely kind and friendly! Having a baby, we really do appreciate prompt service. Food came out extremely fast. I ordered chicken fried rice and my husband ordered the pad Thai. My rice tasted fishy and my husbands noodles were undercooked and very slimy. Service was great and food was fast, but the taste wasnt very good. Im glad we finally tried this place out but we definitely wont be coming back.


Patrick Abram

2 months ago

A few points the menu doesnt tell you that you should know: 1) Soft drinks come in a can so thats $1.98 each there. The iced tea is excellent and I recommend it. 2) Some ingredients are unavailable (e.g., cashews) but they will still sell menu items that include them. The online menu still shows cashews as being in massaman curry, but they dont even substitute peanuts. They just dont include them. 3) Their Thai spicy tops out at chili pepper/seed paste. This will be fine for most folks in the area, but if you were hoping for an authentic experience you will be disappointed. Overall, our food came out looking excellent. The presentation was lovely and the fried rice was above par. Chicken in two dishes was mostly excellent, but a couple pieces in both were dry and chewy. Theyve shifted to a hybrid counter service model. You order up front and they bring it to you and clean up after. This makes service a little slow when you need something.


Mahesh Ammanamanchi

2 months ago

I ordered 2 Dinner items on Friday, one was Shrimp Fried Rice. When we opened the container, we did not find enough shrimp for the money charged for. Ultimately, when we found a couple of them, they were having shell on the tail. It was very disappointing. Secondly, when I checked the Bill and payment receipt, I was shocked to see they added 3 % as Credit Card Commission to the bill. Usually, the customer is asked whether what Method of Payment he/she is using to settle the check. If the customer says that it is being settled by a Debit/Credit Card, the Merchant Establishment informs that there will be a CC Commission added to the check. Neither I was asked, nor informed about that. This is very deceitful practice. Hence, I request future patrons to boycott this place and other such places and teach them a fitting lesson that cheating on the quality of food and adding charges without information don't work.

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