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Sebastian Wilkinson

5 months ago

Fantastic food and a great atmosphere. Just walking in smells great and makes me want to eat more. Even better is that the meals are a great portion and it's quite easy to split a dinner entree between two people. My only complaint is that the menu can be a little complicated to understand EXACTLY what I'm getting but I've never had a bad meal so I can't really complain. Come hungry!


Rahul Revi

a month ago

Mediocre food.. average service.. high cost. They also add on tip into their check so that they automatically deduct good tip for average service


Sarabjit Makkar

a week ago

Went for the buffet but the food was not upto the mark. First of all for the price they charge for the buffet, there was not much of food choices. The food was cold and dry and did not taste great. I would recommend not go for the buffet.


Nihar Bhatt

a week ago

We went evening of Valentine's day. The food tastes good but it's not exceptional asnthe price suggests. Even spicy is a bit bland according to the Indian taste. Considering the prices we expected to take lot of pictures but the food was not decorative enough for pics and lacked garnishes.


Dean A

4 months ago

One of our all time favorite restaurants. Consistently great food and great service. We live in Ballantyne and come here all the time. Find a good waiter like Vikrant and let him order for you and you won't be disappointed.