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Eric Martin

a month ago

Bit of mixed feelings about this place, but overall, it was decent. Overpriced, but decent. It's a cute little place with charm. The servers were quite attentive, which is usually a great thing; but bordering on too attentive. Like, we couldn't have a conversation without being interrupted every minute or 2 by about 3 different people. To be fair, I'd rather a place err on the side of overly attentive than under attentive, but it did make conversing a challenge. As for the food, the presentation was wonderful, and there were components that were quite good, but I was very disappointed in the steak. Aside from it being slightly overcooked, there was a char on it. Unfortunately, that's all I ended up tasting of the steak. No real flavor beyond the char. My girlfriend tried it, and agreed. I actually couldn't bring myself to finish it. She, on the other hand, got the scallops and those were quite good. It was nice to see that the restaurant was taking proper precautions for covid. All employees had masks of some kind. Ultimately, it was a cute place to check out, but not worth the price, in my opinion (which is largely based on paying almost $40 for a steak that wasn't very good).


Holly Schoenfeld

2 weeks ago

My husband and I have been to The Bottle Tree several times and the restaurant never disappoints. On Sunday we tried the Brunch which is served from 11:00 to 3:00 pm. The food was DELICIOUS (I had the Coconut French Toast and my husband had the Waffle and Fried Chicken). Thank you again for another enjoyable meal; we will be back.


Erica S

2 weeks ago

Everything was so incredibly delicious! Best restaurant in Belmont. Great people and great vibe! You can feel the love and the soul they put into their food and the concept! Were lucky to have you in Belmont!


Deanys D Dreamer

2 weeks ago

My BF and I decided to check this place out for our 5th anniversary...we both wished we had of gone to the bean place around the corner instead. We made reservations online. Get there a few minutes early and I go in while my BF parks the car. I was not even acknowledged for several minutes because my BF had time to park the car and come join me before they even asked if we had reservations. We are then taken to, what can only be described as children's tables and chairs....not exactly what I was anticipating for my 5 year anniversary and extremely uncomfortable. I asked for us to be moved to the chairs along the fence line and they acted as though they didn't want to accommodate at first. We were then served drinks out of Solo cups...classy, and given plastic silverware to eat our food with. The food was good, but not for the prices they have set. You want to charge outrageous prices for your food, get rid of the plastic ware (not even to mention how bad that is for the environment), it makes the entire experience cheap and if someone is paying those prices ($17+ for an appetizer, which they call small plates and then ask you if you want an appetizer and I guess they assume as the customer you are going to know that small plates=appetizers? And $30+ for a large plate) they are there for the experience as well as the food. And, if someone has a reservation...1. don't make them stand around and wait, and 2. don't sit them at the kids table, or better yet, get rid of the kids tables and put in something that people will be comfortable sitting on. Put back in the chairs with the fire pits that I saw online because that's what I wanted and was expecting from your presentation online.


Eileen Forrester

7 months ago

I have done so many different reviews in different places for this restaurant. The Food is absolutely amazing, good beer list, great craft cocktails. The outdoor area is beautiful with two fire pits. They also have a bottomless mimosa on Saturdays and Sundays for 11:00 to 2:00 brunch. I suggest brunch and going back for dinner. Don't forget to make a reservation at this place is not huge by any means but extremely cozy and chic.